Scratched seat back


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Apr 9, 2006
Harleysville, PA
My 06 Heritage was delivered in March and just noticed that the back of the passenger seat was scratched up. Upon further examination noticed that there was some type of glue they tried to sand off and or buff, the dealer wants to apply some sort of finish to this. Anyone have any experience with carbon fiber, can this be done? The driver side has some roughness in areas as if someone accidentally smeared glue on it.



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Oct 19, 2005
London, UK
The magic of handmade cars....

I think carbon fibre needs specialist treatment. Would they (dealer or Ford) consider giving you a new seat? Remind them 'pace car for an entire company'. If it's not too bad I'd try to live with it.


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Mar 22, 2006
The retail price for the seat back is ~$3800 :eek It is only sold as a complete piece. The bottom is the same price and sold the same way. Nothing is sold seperately on them. I know this because I just looked them up for another member.