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Jan 29, 2009
Brand new black lowering kit for oem shocks. $1000.00 shipped

Ford Racing M1125gt two piece Rotor kit brand new. These are no longer available from Ford. Complete Kit front and rear $4000.00

Billet Lambo Door kit, complete with everything you need including harness's that are extended. Taken off a car to return to stock. $9000.00 obo

Two piece inner fender kits for the front inner fenders (IE plastic splash liners) This kit makes it so you can make your inner fenders into two pieces for easy removal and re install. Just finished my new tooling for these and ready for production. $400.00

Ford Racing Borla Muffler. Like new take off. less than 250 miles on it. $4250.00

brand new PCM $1350.00

Brand new Fuel injector control Module $1000.00

Brand new Pedal box (clutch and brake pedal) $1950.00
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Feb 12, 2011
Hi, this is Pat, I think I you sold me some items and I am looking for a set of rails that go under the drivers seat.
If you have a set you want to part with give me a call 914-490-8365.