Oil Pressure gauge


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Nov 3, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
When my engine was at idle, the oil pressure gauge went to 0 (and the check gauge light came on). Before I could do anything - it popped back no normal.

A minute or so later - the same thing.

Third time - a blip (1500 rpm) brought the gauge back.

This does not seem like our classic gauge failure - more like a sending unit?

Of course - it won't be driven till this is sorted out.



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Aug 18, 2012
Houston, TX
If it were gauge failure, it would likely have stuck. Seems that gauges die at startup, not while the car is up and running.
My $$ is on the sending unit. Def a lot cheaper than a new gauge.


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May 24, 2007
Wichita Falls, Texas 76306
I am on my third oil pressure sending unit and have under 5,000 miles on my Heritage. My symptoms were that it would randomly show normal pressure, then 15-20 pounds less than normal, then back to normal again, all at a constant car and engine speed. New sending units brought it instantly all back to normal, both times. They are easy to change, and not expensive, fortunately.


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Jun 12, 2009
that's very odd to go thru that many oil press. sending units. not saying it's the gauge either but maybe the connection to the sender.
possibly clean and apply the correct lube before plugging back in. jmo