Nice 1967 Mustang GT fastback 4 speed K-Code


Nov 1, 2018
Endwell, NY
Nice 1967 Mustang GT fastback 4 speed K-Code

This car is in very nice condition, lots of options, see Marti report.
As you all know, the 67 K-Code Mustang GT fastback is one of the rarest
Fords that was available! Shelby guys, try finding a 289 HIPO with the
correct date code for 67! VIN: 7F02K1*****.

Nice color, Night-mist Blue, number matching 289 HIPO, 4 speed
transmission, I am not sure if it the transmission is original or not,
the engine is though, and both have been rebuilt. I bought it needing
assembly, it had crazy add on's like air conditioning, after market
suspension, and more, as the person who had it was making it into a
pro-touring car. I removed all that stuff and put it mostly stock, with
the exception of sway bars and frame connectors, which make that car
handle solid and well! The paint needed major correction, to which I had
it stripped and re-painted, and it looks great! This car is NOT a
concourse car, but it is a great driver/local car show car, which in
local shows it would probably do lots of 2nd and 1st's! I have put on
about 200 miles since it has been finished and with all fresh cars,
there may be some bugs here and there, I am working on a rattle from the
rear seat right now, other than that, it is good, just saying, things
might pop up here and there, but it seems to be very dependable.

Those who understand the rarity of this car! This car is probably one of
the hardest to place a price on, as it has not been discovered yet by a
lot of car people, I have had many look at it when I was out with it and
about 20 minutes after people are talking to me about it, they realize
just how rare it is! I just wonder how many are left that do have the
original engine??? This car might be easily a 100K plus car and believe
me, I have about that into it! As you know,
engine/transmissions/interiors/suspensions/parts are not cheap, then add
the labor! I feel it is fairly priced at $88,000.00.

Reason for selling? I am trying to buy my old 67 GT-350 back that I had
in the 80's and the purchase of a Ford GT. Its not that I need the
money, its more that I need some room!



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Oct 11, 2012
Central Mitten
If you don't need the money, donate it to your favorite charity. Problem solved!


Nov 1, 2018
Endwell, NY
Thats a thought, but its nice to offset the price of the hobby. Believe me when I am gone from this planet, I plan to take care of things I care about. (I am glad my kids don't need it), and they don't. Although my wife is first!

Joe Dozzo

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May 22, 2006
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Beautiful car! Good luck with the sale!