Inventory update of the 2005 / 2006 Ford GT in Europe.

Saint Ho

GT Owner
Feb 12, 2013
In 2013, when I bought my car, the Ford GT owners were completely isolated.
There was no structured maintenance center (except in England at Rousch), nor a source of technical information, nor contact or exchange of information between owners.
The creation of the Owners Club at the end of 2013 was intended to remedy this situation.

Finding the owners and trying to make contact with them was therefore a primary concern. Starting from nothing, it was a sort of detective game, complicated, obstinate, time consuming, and ungrateful.
I still wonder by what miracle we succeed to gather 24 cars, six months later, at the Le Mans Classic of July 2014. Unquestionably the help of the excellent Englishman David Jones (formerly Rousch and now GT101), was extraordinarily valuable .

Positive side: Made with maximum delicacy, the contact with the identified owners, was mostly well understood and followed by a relationship often friendly, even enthusiastic and active with a few.
Negative side: Yet made with maximum precautions, making contact with garages and car dealers, was almost always a failure. Incorrection of not even answering, and at best, refusal to convey our courteous message to the owners, continues to be the attitude of most professionals with regard to the Club. As a result, there are cars that I know perfectly well but whose owner remains unknown to me, and on the other hand, almost every time, the sale of a car means the loss of its trace.

At the time, 101 cars were officially imported into Europe by Ford, and I estimate the number of cars that were subsequently imported individually, at about one hundred.

With all the uncertainties explained above, our current and obviously not exhaustive inventory is as follows :

In Germany : 5 Owners in real contact. There are many others (estimate + 15).

In Belgium : 2 Owners in real contact. There are others (estimate + 5).

In France :
17 Owners with whom real contact is established.
**4 Owners identified, without real contact being established.
**6 Cars lost sight of their sale, maybe even, out of France.
**5 Unidentified owners. Maybe even cars, out of France. (There are probably some more).

In Monaco : 1 owner of two cars, including a GTX1, in real contact.

In Switzerland : 1 owner in real contact. There are many more (estimate + 10).

In Sweden : 2 Owners in real contact.

In UK : 17 Owners in real contact. There are many others (estimate + 20).

There are some in Spain, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, without real contact.

Estimates included, this represents about 130 cars.
It should also be noted that a number of cars are included in speculative collections. As such, they escape our knowledge and unfortunately any gathering and any life Club. Because of the the sharp rise in prices, this unfortunate phenomenon can only rise.

Finally, we know that some cars were damaged and that others left Europe, particularly to the Middle East.


Ford GT Owner
Jul 4, 2007
Niceville FL
Can't say you didn't try to help them. You should be able to sleep soundly at night knowing you made a gallant effort. Nice info. At work we used to say if 10 percent of the employees showed up at any office party we would consider ourselves fortunate.