Certificate of Authenticity Package - "WOW"


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Aug 17, 2006
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I just received the Certificate of Authenticity package from Ford. Here's what's included (with parenthetical comments on each piece):

  • The Certificate of Authenticity (thick and glossy card stock, gives VIN, build number, total (in my case 2005) build, and sequence and total number built in (and again in my case) quicksilver. Printed signatures of Fred Goodnow and John Alguire - This is a must have document for any true enthusiast)
  • A VIN decoder (breaks down the VIN in terms of what each character or character set represents - good to know)
  • A color breakdown chart (shows the complete model year breakdown by color, with or w/o stripes, options, etc. - again very nice to have and well done and very interesting)
  • An original window sticker (I already had one original but two are better than one - the number in the upper left hand corner does disagree with the original though - I believe it's otherwise consistent)
  • Marketing Strategy and Mix Recommendations (just a lot of interesting information on the car including options, specs, standard equipment, etc. - an extra they simply included in the package)
  • Two glossy, two-sided, 3"x5" cards - one side showing a 2006 Tungsten car, the other a 2006 Heritage car (another extra they just threw in)
  • A personalized and official welcome letter from Ford (Now this is also very, very nice - personally addressed with a welcome message and purpose statement).
  • Fed-X shipping (well the boneheads mauled the envelope and I need to iron the welcome letter to remove a few wrinkles - ugh!)
Here's what I had to say a few months ago when the program was first announced ..... "IMO, at $111.95, (this is) a great deal and a must (have) for any serious enthusiast. I don't sense a GT tax here at all." I stand by that statement 110% - this is truly great stuff ..... thanks Ford!!!


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Jan 9, 2007
Sounds great! Please, where to order?


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Where To Call To Order

Call: 1-877-837-2582



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Jul 30, 2005
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Here's what it looks like.

I got it from the SVT office the other day. It's alot better than I thought it would be and as an added bonus, proceeds will help fund the Ford Performance Group. That's going to be the network of Ford performance groups, of which this website is one. Not sure if I'm supposed to say that or not, but hopefully that means the funds from this will turn into good stuff for us to giveaway to members eventually.