Bill Ford on 60 minutes April 26 at 7 pm..Ford's Covid19 efforts


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Jun 28, 2006
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Just as information, I received my weekly Blue Oval Connect update from Ford yesterday.
They advised us that Bill Ford will be interviewed on "60 Minutes" tomorrow, Sunday April 26.
Bill will be speaking about the "Ramp up-Arsenal of Democracy" type efforts of Ford Motor Company.

Masks, ventilators, face shield etc. I know many of you are interested in what we (Ford ) are doing.
It will be interesting to hear Bill Ford actually summarizing Ford Motor Company Efforts !



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Sep 22, 2017
There was a short segment on the evening news showing plexiglass partitions between work stations and watches that will alarm if a person gets closer than 6 feet from another worker. Great ideas