1 of a Kind Super Snake GT 500 to be sold


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The third 427 GT500 was car #289. The original owner flew out to LAX and drove the car home to New York.

Last known owner was a collector on the west coast, exact whereabouts unknown.


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Those tires! :frown

Iconic GT

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Dec 30, 2017
Gotta spare million?

Bring it!!!

Phone bids accepted

Go BIG or GO home!!



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May 8, 2006
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Kinda underwhelming. To run those speeds it must have a 3:00 rear end and not too sporty so it probably won't burn those skinny tires. The stock GT 500 exhaust is not real sporty either. The rear valence and deck lid are miss fit too. I'm just too picky. The stripes are yikes! too.


Jun 2, 2018
Good article. Thanks for the link.

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Aug 23, 2016
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Thanks for sharing. I’ve heard of some ‘67 GT500s coming with 427s but could never confirm it. Does anyone know of any others out there?

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There were 3 427 '67 GT500's

The Super Snake was one, A drag car built for a banker in S.F. was another, I have to refresh my memory on the 3rd, but only three. All very well documented.

I will look it up tonight.