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  1. fordgt6

    Set of 4 standard 05/06 wheels plus Caps New Unused

    All new unused uncounted. They are not repairs or remanufactured. No blemishes. One rear wheel still sealed in original inner box. It’s outer box is larger to accommodate the four caps. The other rear wheel is still sealed in the insert. The front wheels each came in a single box but have not...
  2. fordgt6

    05/06 Ford Original BBS ten spoke premium wheels New and still in original boxes and Ford Shipping Boxes Complete Set. 2 Front and 2 rear

    Price is 5800.00 plus shipping. I'm willing to drive 200 miles from zip 32133. Message me if serious. Thanks
  3. fordgt6

    Complete Original Standard Wheels New in the boxes with four Caps Also in Boxes Some still sealed. FOR SALE

    I bought a complete set of wheels shortly after I bought my car in Dec 2005. They are new and have been stored in an air conditioned office since then. They are all in the original boxes with both the inner boxes and outer ship boxes. Some boxes still have some sealing tape on the inside. There...
  4. fordgt6

    Tire Inflator Out of Date

    Took a small nail in right rear tire. A finishing nail. Crossed my fingers and pulled out. HISSS!!!! Darn. My floor jack wolldn't go under so I couldn't take the wheel off. My tire guy was closed(Sunday) and I didn't want it to go flat so I got my tire inflator out. When I opened it there was a...
  5. fordgt6

    When should oil pump belt be changed

    I received my 06 GT 5 years ago today. Oil change is coming due again. When I change the oil do I need to change the belt? It still has the original belt but the car has low mileage. When should I change the belt? It doesn't look to be hard. What has been everyone's experience? Thanks, Bob
  6. fordgt6

    New Battery

    My battery is approaching 5 years and I decided to order a new one from FORD. My dealer told me that when an order is placed, Ford goes to Optima for a new red top. They put the GT label on it and ship to the dealer. Retail is about 190.00 and they sold it to me(a good customer) for 160.00 plus...
  7. fordgt6

    Mcintosh trim caps are in

    The little side trim caps are in. They are available directly from McIntosh for 40.00 each. They came in last week after a 6 month backorder. You can order them from McIntosh Parts 800-538-6576 Go Gators
  8. fordgt6

    McIntosh Stereo Head Trim Caps

    The silver caps on each end are $40.00 each from McIntosh Parts Department but they are on backorder. Their phone number is 800-538-6576. I'll post when they are in.
  9. fordgt6

    Speedometer Not working (still)

    I put in the new speedometer today and I still have the same problem. No matter how fast I drive it does not go above 25 MPH. !. The battery is always on tender. When disconnected it reads 13.2 volts. 2. I cleaned the paint off the ground attachment. 3 All of the other gauges work includong the...