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    Complete McIntosh FGT System new components 2800.00

    I've got a complete set of McIntosh system Components for a FGT. They are all new, not take offs from a wreck. Includes power supply, 2 Door spitters, 2 speaker, 4 tweeters, woofer, amp, and head unit/receiver. plus slitter wirering jumpers. everything BUT main body/IP harness & door Harnesses...
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    Sponsorship LeMans Car (s) ??

    Now that Matech has got 2 cars going. Does the Forum Logo appear on both cars at the same $ figure? Looking forward to the 24rs in June. Today Race was great the way the gals got the 3rd place. to grand slam the podium. Would have loved to been there.:cheers:thumbsup Cheers and Congrads Matech
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    Rally America Feista Testing speed 110 MPH

    Just got back from Test runs & team shack downs. For Jan 29 & 30th Rally America Sno-Drift in Atlanta Michigan. Ken Block and his new Ford Team, were testing there new Feista. We tested on several different road surfaces with speeds of 110 mph plus. may not seem like much. But thats how NASCAR...
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    ACS Express aquires FGT

    ACS Express has just aquired a FGT that they will run in ALMS. They've done well with the Mustangs. Perhaps they can make it happen with the FGT....:cheers:thumbsupGood luck to ACS, we'll be watching.