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  1. CanadaGT

    New Ford GT unveiling

    Can you believe Canadians are making this phenomenol car. Being born here I am kinda proud.....
  2. CanadaGT

    Call from concierge

    PM me
  3. CanadaGT

    Call from concierge

    I wish that was my answer really. Enjoy.
  4. CanadaGT

    Call from concierge

    I got my 2019 Heritage edition on May 30 2019, Car is still sitting with no miles except 4 times to dealer, and still has issues to be rectified. So this process has become a shit show for me. Just sayin folks. Anyone else out there in my situation please pm me as I am tired of the BS from...
  5. CanadaGT

    Anyone know the font of the Heritage Roundel Numbers?

    I have a full set in a box. Not sure what they are worth, but I do not need them
  6. CanadaGT

    Is This A Short Throw Shifter?

    PM me I have lots of parts, as I am not buying anymore Ford products as per the BS over my 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition.
  7. CanadaGT

    Is This A Short Throw Shifter?

    I have short throw shifter still in packaging. Just saying. Actually might have a couple...
  8. CanadaGT

    Newbie from Western Canada

    Enjoy her, I mean the car, I have about 90k miles of seat time. Have a NFGT Heritage but not too impressed with Ford right now over it. I have a cabin 5 hrs from you at Nelson. You will love that car. I have many spare parts and consumables for it as I owned 4 at one time but sold all of them...
  9. CanadaGT

    new 2006 FORD GT owner.... having problems with car please help!

    These are minor irritations, imo, Once car is sorted out you will enjoy it. Sorry to hear about all the issues. These are great cars and I have seat time of approx. 90,000 miles. 80K in one car.
  10. CanadaGT

    Ford Racing Borla Muffler Problems - Need Advice

    Chip, that is why I have Borla on all my stuff. Over the years they have been awesome to deal with. Just my $.02
  11. CanadaGT

    Taking Delivery of K235!!

    Actually it has been the Concierge people that dropped the ball, and I have been escalated to some other GT team and that was a couple months ago. I am so disheartened over this whole process, that I lost a season of driving. BTW I had 80,000 miles on one of the 4 (06) GT's I owned out of the...
  12. CanadaGT

    Taking Delivery of K235!!

    Beautiful Car, I have K00123 ( Heritage ) delivered on May 30th this year. Never drove it this year as Ford has delayed fixing car { cosmetic issues } and it is a gong show. I sincerely hope your experience is much better than mine. Snowed up here Sept 7th so have to wait till spring to drive...
  13. CanadaGT

    Transaxle Output Shaft Seal Install Tool - Help

    You need to take off the flange, to access seal. I have a tool. OTC 308-600
  14. CanadaGT

    Help! Need car seat anchor to pass Canadain inspection.

    NJGT I used to bleed blue, but this process has sucked it all out of me. Sad really. If Ford doesn't address acknowledged issues, I believe that it will out of my hands. It is their call.
  15. CanadaGT

    Help! Need car seat anchor to pass Canadain inspection.

    QSS Do not worry, there will many good times ahead for you in this car. I have roughly 90,000 miles seat time in my driver plus the other 3 GT's I have owned. To make you feel better, I received my NFGT Heritage Edition K00123 on May 30 this year, and through no fault of my own, I have not...
  16. CanadaGT

    Door weatherstripping problem.

    You also can try 2 sided 3m tape they use on emblems etc. Can be bought in different widths. Just clean well before reinstalling Dave. you can text me if ya need. I believe I have new weather stripping for doors and windshield, but would have to check.
  17. CanadaGT

    Windshield Breakage

    windshield retails for $2531 cad. So $1900 USD. Not really too bad. No part number yet for clamshell window, which is plastic.
  18. CanadaGT

    Still Can't Get First Gear

    Agree with Soroush. Just hook up vacuum bleeder at trans. 10mm nipple. Makes a big difference in feel and actuation of clutch, Check your clutch master cylinder. My guess is the fluid is Black.
  19. CanadaGT

    Total production volume for the New Ford GT?

    I have from internet 2017- 138 built and 2018 seems fair at 218. and 2019 my K200123 car means 123 built and delivered for a total of 479 cars, which makes sense as I was one of the original 500 allotted. I was given my letter July 27th 2016. Almost 3 years ago. Factory tour was cool, Some...
  20. CanadaGT

    Total production volume for the New Ford GT?

    Just a thought. They produced 138 in 2017, supposedly 250 in 2018 (cannot find a number), and I get my car K200123 May 30th which calculates out to the 511 car built. Am I wrong in my thoughts?