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    Crazy Times

    Thanks for posting this! Nice to see positive things once in a while!
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    Ex-24 Hr Le Mans Mustangs

    "A tail-happy barrel of laughs" Well said!
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    Ford v Ferrari RCR cars for sale

    Beautiful!!!! do you have any interior photos? Thanks!
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    Ford v Ferrari RCR cars for sale

    In the movie did it for me!
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    Ford v Ferrari RCR cars for sale

    I got number 20
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    Ford v Ferrari RCR cars for sale

    I picked up one of the P3s. What fun!
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    Ford v Ferrari RCR cars for sale

    How do I get more information on a P3?
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    Gearheads and oil analysis. Yes oil!!!

    Rebuilt aircraft engines are always broken in with mineral oil....
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    Cool interactive map

    Lots of great information! Thanks!!
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    Saw it tonight - thought it was quite good! I went with a bunch of non-car enthusiasts, they all also thought it was great!
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    911, bringing back the manual

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    Door lock Question

    I know! I think it shouldn't be a problem because I'd never leave my car with the keys in it other than at home... But curious
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    Door lock Question

    Pulled my 05 GT into the man cave, and after shutting down, I saw I left the passenger side window down. I opened the drivers side door (did not sit down) - turned the key on and ran up the passenger window. Took the key out, and left it in the car (secure environment). When I shut the...
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    Fuel line Safety for 2005/2006

    So easy I was even able to do this!
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    Fuel line Safety for 2005/2006

    Thank Thanks Kendall! Ordered!
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    Ford vs. Ferrari - Film Review

    Now that is funny!
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    Dave I've have always very very much appreciated what you do for the GT community. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Le Mans. With all the pain and BS you have talked about (tip of the ice berg), know that I, and 99.99% of our family here sincerely and deeply understand and again...