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    Are we having fun yet????????????

    I am not much for eloquent words, nor was I an A grade student in school.........but I know when something is starting to take a certain feel, it what you want....... I noticed that more and more people are joining this Forum...........and more and more people take everything here...
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    I am going to need a bigger living room!!!!!!!!!
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    The sexiest video i have ever seen rated xxx
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    FOR SALE: 2008 Ford F 350 XLT Lariat Looking to sell my 2008 Ford F350 XLT Lariat Dually (Diesel) 4x4 Loaded Presently has 47,500. miles....Red/Tan I purchased it new in 2008, has never had any kind of paint work, everything is original. The 8 Ft. Bed has NEVER had anything in it.....Brakes and tires were done...
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    Looking to purchase................

    I am presently preparing to work on a new movie called Tower Heist, starring Ben in New York..... The movie involves (2) 63 250GT Lusso;s (ferrari) I know that a lot of you have much knowledge in these cars, or know someone that does. I am looking to purchase an original set...
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    A little help for a fellow GT owner.

    In April 2010, one of my cars, a Boss 429, was chosen for an article in Hemmings Muscle Machines. It seems that now there's a run off for the best of the best , and I would appreciate you guys reading the article on the 2 Boss 429's (the other belongs to a dear friend who happens to have the...
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    A milestone for Dave Z

    Just wanted to congratulate one of our members (Dave Z) as today he logged 50,000 miles on his 2005 FGT. A true testament to a great built car.......WTG Dave.......wishing you another 50,000 my friend.:cheers Gino P.S. For those that do not know dave Z, he has the black FGT with the trailer.
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    Calling All Fgt's

    I AM WORKING ON A MOVIE in Wilmington, North Carolina........We have a scene in the movie which will take place on April 9th, 2008, of a specialty car shop with various Shelby's and a Super Snake. If anyone is in this area of the country and would be interested in using their FGT in this movie...
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    Ford Super Duty Trucks... should I buy one

    Hey steve, I purchased a 350 super duty and picked it up the week of the Indy meet. I can tell you that all the amenities are great. Very confortable and really good looking interior. As far as the exterior, well you can see that from the pictures on the ford web site. I happen to love the...
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    running too hot

    can anyone tell me any information regarding my car running hot? at 60 mph, the car runs about 230dg, and i can notice a power reduction which is not there for the first 7 min after starting and driving. I noticed that the muffler is blocking all the rear vents can anyone elaborate on this...