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    South OC Cars and Coffee- Nice to meet Analogdesigner

    Jay, it was nice to meet you this morning at the South OC Cars and Coffee this morning
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    Metro Detroit - Heritage Ford GT request for photo event

    Does anybody in SE Michigan have a Heritage Ford GT? It will be needed for a photo event Saturday Nov. 8th, weather permitting. If the weather is bad, the cancellation date is likely to be Saturday night, Nov. 15th. Time required would be around 2-3 hours after dark. Details will be available...
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    Recently gifted 2 piece Ford GT aluminum extrusion - information?

    I was recently given this 2 Piece GT extrusion. It is the first one I've seen that is a business card holder, and also the only one I've seen with a Ford GT and centennial logo. It appears like it says "2003 Limited Edition". My friend worked for a machining supplier; and had traded it for some...
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    Lingenfelter Collection special open house Oct. 14th 12-5PM (Brighton, MI)

    You are invited to a special Open House Oct. 14th from 12:00-5:00PM to celebrate some great additions to the Lingenfelter Collection, and to help us support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Recent additions to the Collection include our COPO Camaro, Karls Kustom Corvette Widebody, and some other...
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    1995 Ford Escort Cosworth for sale in Michigan I know the seller, but have no interest in the sale. If anybody picks it up, I'd hope it would stay local, or at least find a nice home in the Ford community here
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    Excellent Nurburgbring tool Wait for it! :biggrin
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    A couple of Twin Turbo's...

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    National Automotive Roundtable Live (1-13) 7-9pm EST Listen Live
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    Thought I'd never hear this: Automakers asking for higher gas tax It's a sign, and perhaps a result of the bailout; forcing Detroit to make cars that people don't feel bound to buy... further deepening a looming bankruptcy...
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    Ebay Auction - Saab Motor Company? nuff said :ack
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    Years of adventures through the woods...

    Before the owner moved to more prosperous lands, he commissioned a poster print to remind him of the good times in Michigan he had. I may yet make a few changes before shipping it off in the snail mail to the South.
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    GT Driven in Anger - 200+ mph

    A Local GT was part of a small group to go up to Oscoda to legally hit v-max in their cars legally... or at least come close to it. Speedo indicated 216 mph, GPS indicated 202 mph ( at 211 mph speedo), and Radar timed at 199 mph Pully, Tune to 640 RWHP at Oscoda Forgot to mention. Waiting...
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    The Last Mustang (SN95) - video Finally did something with the footage. The last SN95 Mustang rolled off the DAP assembly line on May 10th 2004. I had the opportunity to be there, and wasn't going to pass up on it. This is quite old, and not up to my standards by any means... but...
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    lambo fall drive

    Lamborghini Fall Color Tour 125ish photos Lamborghini Fall Color Tour 125ish photos no gt's on this one, but a good time was had by all
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    Top Gear Australia Reviews the Ford GT Audio levels are a bit bad, but its a pretty good review :cheers
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    Old GT40 phtos

    ran into these ones earlier this evening... what a cool car
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    A beautiful day for Baseball (photo of the park)

    Here is something For Baseball lovers I snapped of Comerica Park in Detroit, MI
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    ford's forgotten "disapearing door" very cool, innovative, and practical. So often, innovation slips through the cracks.
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    Reventon 12 Comes to Detroit

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    Keeneland Concours anybody (Lexington, KY)

    Anybody going to the Keeneland Councours in Lexington, KY on Saturday??? It seems I'll be driving the F40 in Saturday morning.... If you see a 6'2" bigger caucasian wearing some Ferrari garb, say high :)