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    Price increase!

    Exactly what I was thinking. Thought SPI was a little strange wanting to see his mechanic in a bikini.

    The Return

    I'm in.

    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    Sounds good to me. I've replaced both front and rear once already and the second set is already weakening.

    Newbie from Western Canada

    Congratulations and welcome to the Forum. I've owned mine for over 12 years and still enjoy every mile. Don't be surprised when your refueling takes an hour. People really love this car and want to talk to you about it and of course I like telling them about the car also, but it does make the...

    New 2006 GT Owner

    I'll see when the next car event is in our area and then see if Mike Mosing is available. I've attended the "All Fords" Pensacola event, Pensacola Cars and Coffee and the Pensacola-Atmore Road Rally many times with my GT. Also many events in Crestview, Foley, Destin and Panama City like the...

    New 2006 GT Owner

    Congratulations. Although your announcement was a little bitter sweet. For 12 years, I was the only Tungsten/Silver in the area and now there are 2 and sounds like soon to be 3 with Tomcat's Tungsten/Silver. It would have been nice to see a few more color combinations. There are currently 4...

    Car lift

    Get a Bendpak 4-post and 2 bridge jacks. Best of both worlds. It is bad to store a car on a 2-post lift as the suspension hangs and can damage the suspension if stored with tires hanging.

    A unique starting problem?

    Before you order that crimper, I'd check your nearest AutoZone, O'Reily's, Advanced Auto Parts, etc. to see if they have a crimper you can borrow for free. They require a deposit which is refunded when you return a specialty tool like a crimper.

    Storing my 2006 GT

    GDC, Based on your previous comment, it doesn't appear than you have accomplished any of the recalls nor followed the maintenance recommendations in the owners manual. The following recalls should have been accomplished over 10 years ago: Replace faulty half-shaft bolts as they WILL BREAK...
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    Fire Extinguisher

    I was told by a fireman that it hasn't been approved yet for boats, but they are working on it. You might want to call Element, your fire dept or coast guard. I'd definitely consider getting one for the boat as a back up to an approved extinguisher if it's not approved yet.
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    Cruise Control

    I'd like to see some details on this also. Mark, Rich, PeteK ?????
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    A Piece of Le Mans - Thanks Sparco!

    Ya, rub it in. Some families got 2 blankets, others none. LOL
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    Fire Extinguisher

    You're very welcome. Glad I could be of service.
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    Fire Extinguisher

    Here’s a great new product I just found. I think I’m going to buy an Element E50 for each of my vehicles, one for my garage and one in the house. It would probably be safe inside an aircraft also. The bottles in my house, cars and car trailer have expired and needed replacing and while...
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    Fuel line Safety for 2005/2006

    Thanks Joey, I'll be checking mine.
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    He knows. That's SD sarcasm.
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    Gauge Repair

    Try the search function. There are numerous posts here about repairing gauges.
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    The future of Ford GT racing

    To get back to "Race on Sunday, buy on Monday" sponsor motivation for the car manufacturers, maybe stop racing internal combustion engines since innovation has been stifled through BOP. Instead of internal combustion engine races, maybe have an unrestricted competition between, electric...
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    Ordered a C8 tonight

    My buddy has a Grand Sport? and used to take it on trips around the SE USA. Really beautiful Root beer color combination and gorgeous interior. He stopped traveling in it because he said people were really rude to them and now drives his sedan. I've never had that problem with my GT. He said...
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    Personal Owner experience

    Ron buddy, then not than. Sorry bad English bothers me. Great looking montage.