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    Importance of getting it looked over.

    Gentlemen, I wanted to take a moment to pass along a bit of information that frankly we men just never seem to talk about. The importance of not being a "tough guy" and just walking in off. Earlier this spring I was involved in what I considered a "minor" accident as a passenger. In the...
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    2011 Super Duty

    Heard a lot of good things on the net about the new F2-450's. anyone know when one is going to be on the ground?
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    Global warming is bitc....

    Yesterday we went trout fishing, it was 70, sunny and lovely. Today, its 29 with 8 inches of snow on the ground! Thank God I looked at the weather on the iphone or we'd be camping in this. :bored
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    GT 40 replica for the track

    Gentlemen, we have talked several times about the Gt-40 replicars here on this site. Several members own them. Out of the two types RCR and Superformance which one would seem to be the best for a track day car?
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    Flying into your neighborhood...

    Some how I can see EP buying one of these. :wink
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    The weather outside is frightful

    Well... its the line in a Christmas song and a matter of fact here... 1/4 inch of ice already and they are saying 10 inches of snow by morning. so I guess I will wish all of you ... A very merry white Christmas... S
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    Head lamp washers

    After looking at a couple of Euro cars ... I have begun to think that washers might be a neat item on a driver GT. I wonder what is needed and how much of a PITA it would be to install them on a US spec car? Bill? :lol
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    For those of you that thought your ride at the Mile was intense.

    Check this out. And of the record this is NOT me doing this. I am slightly more sane than that... ok just slightly. :lol
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    Aston DB9 Advice

    Have always had a thing for English cars and am researching the Aston line. Anybody want to give some advice? thanks
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    Figures,2933,576646,00.html just another reason to never give up the opportunity to take the head shot. bloody lip ????? please. :bs:bs:bs:bs:bs:bs:bs:bs:bs:bs:bs:bs:bs:bs
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    Tommy's trailer weight

    Does anyone know the weight of a 24 ft Tommy's trailer? Thanks
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    mindless fun i have yet to get thru this so clicker beware!
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    K-40 vs. Valentine one

    Ok guys its that time again to pick up another radar detector. I have both the k-40 and the valentine one. Really have not ever been able to head's up them .. when I have tried to do a "test" can't seem to find speed traps or even rolling street radar and to be honest the local LEO's guns...
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    Patriot Golf Day If you play please drop a few bucks their way this weekend. The fund supports the families of those fallen. Semper Fi. :usa
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    Porsche Panamera

    Is it just me or is that car terminally fugly?
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    Trucks and Trailers

    Just a few weeks ago I managed to convince my father that he needed to replace his 1996 Ford F150 with a newer model. Not that there was anything wrong with the 96 but since he's getting a few years underneath him that it was time just to get something a bit more comfortable. So, after a bit...
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    Did they paint the stripes on the cars with the windshield in or out? Am wondering if you can change the stripe colors easily or if its about as easy as a total repaint. :bored would rather do paint vs vinyl .....
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    FMR Ford President Bob McNamara passes

    I know we've had a recent spat of deaths and generally we are trying to get away from the obit postin here on this thread but, Bob McNamara was a Ford guy ... so its at least in the realm. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. McNamara via a business contact at a luncheon where he spoke about...
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    Ok.... now I have heard it all.

    Just read this and am still in shock.. :eek:eek:eek:eek I need a drink..... :confused:confused:confused:confused
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    Speedy Sleeve cut-off

    I'm looking at an early production gal. Does anyone know when (or about when) the speedy sleeve cutoff was. (IE what production number ended the speedy sleeve issue)