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  1. Art138

    Cut-away of fuel filter after 13 years

    I took the plunge and replaced the fuel filter today. It was quiet therapeutic. I meant to do this several years ago. After thirteenth years on a 4000 mile car I was curious about the integrity of the inside. I cut the filter in two pieces exposing the paper element. I would highly suggest...
  2. Art138

    Fuel line to filter clips

    Does anyone know if these clips are still available from Ford or a vendor? I am going to change the fuel filter and notice they have the same clips. They are probably reusable but want some extras just in case.
  3. Art138

    Concept Nissan GT-R copies lines of the NFGT featured nine shots of the proposed rendered GT-R. Claims similarity to NFGT.
  4. Art138

    Ferrari F8 Engine Build

    I spotted this engine build vid for the F8 of which I have a deposit on. Never imagined 80 percent of this 720hp engine Is built by robotics. So much for hand built Ferrari’s.
  5. Art138

    Ferrar F8 Engine build

    I spotted this engine build vid for the F8 of which I have a deposit on. Never imagined 80 percent of this 720hp engine Is built by robotics. So much for hand built Ferrari’s.
  6. Art138

    How does this happen to a Lambo with Nanny trxhs

    I can understand this happening to a 05/06 FGT with old tires but this incident surprises me with all the high tech countermeaures:
  7. Art138

    Toe link boot install

    I just installed GT 101’s toe link boot covers. Although they fit well I had issues getting the compression rings to stay on. The boots are a tight fit so I left them off. Anyway before and after pic. A fix folks might consider. I would imagine most GT’s by now have them deteriorated.
  8. Art138

    Time Interval for Changing Fuel Filter

    My GT is turning 3;700 miles. Each year regardless of miles I change the Oil and oil filter. Other fluids to include brake,coolant,and superchatger oil a few years ago. Is there a recommended time interval for changing the fuel filter on a low mileage car?
  9. Art138

    Rear tie rod links

    I recently noticed that my rear tie rod links' boots have cracked. Obviously,not thru use/wear as my GT only has 3,000 miles. I read the threads on the control arms and that several of you used silicone compressible tape over the damaged rubber boots. If any other ideas floating around please offer.
  10. Art138

    Oil filter cap socket size

    Looked thru the search section to no avail. Does anyone know the size socket which fits over the end of the oil filter plastic cap. Looks like circa 30mm but not sure.
  11. Art138

    American Modern Insurance

    I currently insure my GT thru the aforentioned company (yearly) USAA provides the writer as I insure other cars thru them. For 2016 American Modern wants to raise my premium 200 dollars (to $1,670). Just benchmarking to determine if it appears excessive.
  12. Art138

    Fuel filter replacement timeline

    For us low mileage folks (mine around 2500) is a replacement fuel filter In order, now that these cars are circa 10 years old? or is cycle change time driven by mileage?
  13. Art138

    Every Ford GT came with two Window Stickers????

    The description says "Ford produced two window stickers for every GT" is this fact or fiction...
  14. Art138

    Barrett Jackson GT Heritage Edition

    I did not see the results posted, but looks like the hammer dropped at 473k.
  15. Art138

    2015 Z06 Engine

    Was thinking about buying a 2015 to add to the stable, but maybe I should wait until engine related issues are sorted out:
  16. Art138

    OEM Car Cover for Sale

    I have an extra OEM FGT car cover in the original box it was shipped from. I bought this one as a spare to the one which came with the car. Item is excellent (new) condition and was only used for a few days in my garage. At the time I paid 470 U.S;Will take 350.00 U.S via paypal. The "GT" bag...
  17. Art138

    Flashing anti-theft Light

    Recently,upon start up the anti-theft red dash light blinks,starter cranks, but car will not start. I have to cycle the ignition key off/on a few times before I get the steady red light. I know this was discussed in a thread but cannot find. I remember that the ground connection from the...
  18. Art138

    Reminder: Mecum FGT trends at 6.05PM CST 10/12 (today)

    In the interest of benchmarking: Any predications on what the hammer drops for??
  19. Art138

    Another GT on the block

    Beside the BJ red GT which should cross the auction between tomorrow and Friday, here is a mecum GT scheduled for Oct 12th with 2,000 miles.
  20. Art138

    Another very low Mileage FGT up for auction Sept 26th

    Red white stripes appears to be popular for the auction block these days. Curious what this car will bring with only 58 miles. 2005 Red/White strips, lot 748 scheduled for September...