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  1. Art138

    Used Parts Vendors

    60 is right and 70 is left.
  2. Art138

    Used Parts Vendors

    Side front marker lights are from LandRover: Land Rover part numbers are: XGC000060 and XGC000070
  3. Art138

    Eddie FourFather Hill’s 2006 Ford GT Heritage For Sale

    Eddie do you know the manufacturer for the coating depth Gauge ..good to have.
  4. Art138

    Got one

    The earliest manufacture date OEM belt I could find available was 2010. So probably the same date code as yours.
  5. Art138

    Engine and Intercooler Radiator Air Bleed Lines Installed

    I used the airlift vac too but before building vacuum raised the car at the rear to drain as much fluid from the front radiators. There are also two plugs at the base of the engine which can drained more coolant albeit small quantity. My car does not run hot with the Torrie tune adjustment of...
  6. Art138

    2006 Red Ford GT

    Howard....surprised you are letting her go. You really took good care of this car.....and as I remember you have the Easy open latch for the rear hatch.
  7. Art138

    Got one

    Great color! Congrats. I believe the issue with original tires was specific to these cars. I did a 180 the first time I came out of a turn. Lucky no oncoming cars. There are several threads on the tire issue.
  8. Art138

    Eddie FourFather Hill's 2019 Ford GT images

    Eddie, how often do you pull the wheels to keep them so clean? either you don’t drive the car or clean after every drive. Like that I am not the only one Lol.
  9. Art138

    Looking for a GT (2005-6), first time buyer would like to know a bit more.

    There is a check list for first time buyers on what to look for in a post. Maybe someone can find the link for you. I can’t remember the post title. Good luck on your search. Try this title in the search feature “ MORE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS TO GT EXPERTS ON SEARCHING OF FGT”
  10. Art138

    Wanted one new rear lower billet a-arm

    Here it is with improvised boot in place.
  11. Art138

    Wanted one new rear lower billet a-arm

    I changed my tie rod end bushings; a vendor from the UK makes them. I used un upholstey molding heat gun to make them easier to slip on. Pretty straight forward,
  12. Art138

    Comparing Cars With Different Number of Miles

    You will see many late model Ferrari’s that are offered for sale before reaching 10 thousand miles. There is a self fulfilling prophecy that value drops after that. I believe this applies to other exotics as well.
  13. Art138

    05 and 06 mud flaps

    Franimal: pm me if you want the fronts. I only used the backs.
  14. Art138

    Battery for 2006 gt

    Pic of battery label
  15. Art138

    Battery for 2006 gt

    If you want the OEM type,get the Optima 25. You can peel off the Ford GT sticker and reapply to the new one.
  16. Art138

    Brought tears to my eyes,

    Come on, I have a White Tesla 3 and it’s a good grocery getter.
  17. Art138

    Oil and serpentine belts

    I just checked mine a few weeks back when I changed the fuel filter and the integrity appeared fine. I bought an OEM replacement on eBay for 100.00 dollars. Good point on the impact of shelf life. I would also like to know if there is a stamp or indicator which defines date of manufacture.
  18. Art138

    Cut-away of fuel filter after 13 years

    Nota4re: And I did not have to remove your trans cooler.
  19. Art138

    Cut-away of fuel filter after 13 years

    I took the plunge and replaced the fuel filter today. It was quiet therapeutic. I meant to do this several years ago. After thirteenth years on a 4000 mile car I was curious about the integrity of the inside. I cut the filter in two pieces exposing the paper element. I would highly suggest...
  20. Art138

    Tach and speedometer repair experience

    I have the in line surge protector fuse and have not had any issues.