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  1. DakotaGT

    Wanted: set of optional GT wheels

    Looking for a complete set of the optional BBS wheels for the FGT, or at least a set of rears. Must be in excellent condition (perfection not necessary, but excellent).
  2. DakotaGT

    Interesting historical Ford tidbit
  3. DakotaGT

    Classic auto transport question

    Just bought a '67 Mustang S-code fastback 4-speed in West Virginia, looking to get it shipped to me in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Especially this time of year, very few of the major auto shippers have cars going from that area to my area, so shipping can take many weeks. Wondering if anybody...
  4. DakotaGT

    Not exactly what everybody else has been posting lately, but...

    It may not be a NFGT, but the "fun:dollar spent" quotient is similar. I'm a sucker for old classic vehicle "survivors". One of my sons found this ONE-OWNER 1967 F250 pickup, in original Lunar Green color, with the original 80,000 mile 352 V8/4 speed/Dana 60 rear. It was purchased new by a...
  5. DakotaGT

    ClearPlex windshield film failed me... or did it?

    I bought the ClearPlex from Trent/4N a few years ago, but only got around to having somebody install it for me a couple of weeks ago. I took the car out for a quick spin yesterday morning, and a big truck threw a rock at me, down low on the drivers side of the windshield. Looks to me like it...
  6. DakotaGT

    A piece of Dodge racing history- 1968 "L023" Hurst hemi Dart

    For anybody interested, just thought I would share a new project car I purchased- an authentic 1968 L023 Hurst Hemi Dart. Dodge made 80 of these beasts, just for Super Stock racing. Though technically street-legal, they came with large decals stating that they were "for supervised acceleration...
  7. DakotaGT

    Speedhut gauge questions

    I finally got my local tuner/fabricator to build me a better air intake setup to properly feed my 4.0 Whipple. When he was tuning it, he noticed that the Speedhut tach reads about 300 rpm higher than it should. He set the idle at about 700-750, and the tach reads about 1000 rpm. You can tell...
  8. DakotaGT

    Way to go, Mustang!

    Matthias, can you vouch for this? :wink Nice work, Ford. :usa
  9. DakotaGT

    1965 F100 pickup

    About once a year I like to take on a car project. Last year it was my '67 GTX with 572 cross-ram hemi. The year before that, it was a 1968 Charger (father-son project/gift for him). This year's project was my 1965 F100 pickup, which just finished a frame-off restoration. This pickup was a gift...
  10. DakotaGT

    9-year-old's quest for more power

    Ever in search of the perfect state of tune for his Tinker Toy engines, my son Ryan asked me to help "adjust his valves" tonight. Might have something to do with the fact that he just watched me do just that on my 427 cobra. With a little trial and error using some Pam cooking spray and some...
  11. DakotaGT

    Screen name-change

    I just want to say that my wife Erin and I really enjoyed meeting so many of you wonderful folks at the Rally. The effort put in by DBK and his wife, as well as others, was obviously immense, and clearly we all loved every minute of it. My thanks also goes out to the GT Guys, and Shelby and his...
  12. DakotaGT

    572 all-alloy hemi

    I have been waiting and waiting for this engine to be finished. Just completed last week, and arrived from Ontario (ForHemisOnly) today. Dyno'd at 812 hp on 91 pump gas, with just a very mild solid roller cam, for longevity. Should move my 1967 GTX down the road just fine. AND, the GT Guys...
  13. DakotaGT

    Dallas area members

    A friend of mine is seriously looking at a Mustang Shelby GT SC convertible in the Dallas area. Unfortunately, he is in South Dakota. Can somebody recommend a good place for inspecting the car, prior to him purchasing?
  14. DakotaGT

    Cars and Coffee- Scottsdale

    Hello- I am in Scottsdale with my wife and some friends for a quick escape from the South Dakota winter. We were checking out the exotic car dealers and saw a flyer about a Cars and Coffee event there tomorrow. Does anybody here on the forum go to that? It's my first time to Scottsdale, but from...
  15. DakotaGT


    I was surprised to see one in the showroom when I quick slipped into the Ferrari dealership at the Wynn in Vegas. VERY nice in person. None of the styling features looked too garish in person, in black anyway. Still, I think I would pick the P918 over the McLaren and the LaF, since I am...
  16. DakotaGT

    CSX. Shelby Cobra

    One of the cars high on my "someday" list has been a CSX- numbered 427 Cobra. Honestly though, I probably don't know as much as I should about them, before purchasing one. I am a very serious shopper though now, and I am ready to jump on the right car, after missing out on a couple of others. I...
  17. DakotaGT

    Florida area folks

    Almost 3 weeks ago I bought a '57 T-bird from a classic car dealership in Clearwater, FL, and I am having a heck of a time getting the car delivered to me in South Dakota. I haven't been too impressed with the dealership so far (absolutely NO sense of urgency). I bought it from PJs Auto World...
  18. DakotaGT

    Ford GT neon sign

    As I mentioned in another thread (see ), I have been checking into a really nice-quality custom neon sign for my garage. The original guy I started working with kind of flaked out on the project, but I found a...
  19. DakotaGT

    Christmas has come to my garage.

    It may be early, but I was anxious to put the tree up yesterday, so I could have coffee by the fireplace and look at the tree this morning.
  20. DakotaGT

    new family member- 69 Charger Daytona

    I just bought this '69 Charger Daytona, a car that has been on my "dream car" list since I was a little kid. I grew up in a Mopar (and occasionally Ford) family, and on every Mopar fans dream list is a "wing car" (Superbird or Daytona) and a real Hemi car. This car is something I plan to keep...