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    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    I’ll take a front & rear set if available thanks Ken Doll :)

    Great SoCal Ford Mobile Airbag Replacement Technician

    For anyone left out there tired of receiving those Ford Airbag Replacement Notices!!

    The Ford GT Application Process Begins

    lol deja vu!! :)~~

    The End of an Era

    Indeed... $cammish with advertising

    Gauging interest in a Hoosier P315/40ZR19 group order

    I have a complete set of R6 sticky's used like twice @ Willow, probably < 200 perfect, no further use if in SOCAL give me a buzzzzzzz

    GT40 P108 Roadster Prototype

    Familia Familiar Willow

    GTs @ BJ

    Bony would rollover with the recent spikes...what car appreciates this fast after 8 years? Either it's pure overseas $ or rising agreed upon insurance values... either way, I'm stoked

    Outrageous Registration Fees

    CA reg now about $400...thanks Jerry

    C & C Irvine, Saturday, March 23 - - Flo's,Thursday, March 21?

    Beware of frisky Irvine PD motorcycle cops both arriving and departing the event.
  10. OCPETE

    Stock blower

    SC Heya Steve no time no talk. I am looking for a snout... I remember you had an aftermarket, (Bell), so if you have the oe snout I'll take it. BTW one of my coworkers just retired on a nice spread in Sweet. Take care Pete
  11. OCPETE

    Cars and Coffee Irvine

    OK I am motivated... George I am sure you will be there at like 4 am ...reserve me and my Angelina leg a spot
  12. OCPETE

    what a day

    sheesh... You could be in tornado ally
  13. OCPETE

    GT 200MPH Speed Day/Mojave Mile Update Thread

    Congratulations speed freaks... You guys are true pioneers....what a great car.. I can't believe it rolls @ 238 + Amazing
  14. OCPETE

    Got A Killer Deal On Another FGT

    Fast enough to chase my Chihuahua
  15. OCPETE

    Got A Killer Deal On Another FGT

    That's because they were not WHITE :biggrin
  16. OCPETE

    Got A Killer Deal On Another FGT

    $30 bones @ Costco :lol
  17. OCPETE

    Any la / oc fgt owners into a ferrari show standoff @ dp marriot next sunday 9/12?

    Thinking of making a stand on the entry way with ample parking for amusement :lol breakfast on me
  18. OCPETE

    Shadowman Sharing a few of the gal's that have come to visit Area-51

    Well now Mr. Bill...I might just have to trailer the biatch your way one day for that whipple 4.0 dream :thumbsup