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  1. DakotaGT

    In the Market for a Ford GT Again

    And yours truly bought the red 2006 car from Shelby in Dec 2012 😀
  2. DakotaGT

    Got The Call

    Congratulations- looks great!
  3. DakotaGT

    D-Day L070

    Looks stellar, Kevin- congratulations! I love how your new baby's Ford siblings were present to greet her (him?)
  4. DakotaGT

    2006 Red Ford GT

    I will spread the word, thanks. I already have a 4c Spyder also, and enjoyed Gary’s informative posts on the Alfa forum, too.
  5. DakotaGT

    Which blue to pick?

    I’ve said it before, if you are after a beautiful shade of blue with some cool vintage Ford history, I would give Guardsman Blue some consideration.
  6. DakotaGT

    2006 Red Ford GT

    That was a screaming deal. I know Gary was very attentive and fastidious with his maintenance. Is his Alfa Romeo for sale, too?
  7. DakotaGT

    My baby getting the treatment

    Nice video, gorgeous GT!
  8. DakotaGT

    Looking for a GT (2005-6), first time buyer would like to know a bit more.

    Same designer as the Miura- Marcelo Gandini. Alfa had some pretty cool stuff. The AR 33 Stradale is pretty amazing-looking!
  9. DakotaGT

    Looking for a GT (2005-6), first time buyer would like to know a bit more.

    Welcome, guys! Jippiejake, Desneux Motorsports has a pretty solid reputation. Other people have spoken up here on their behalf, claiming positive experiences with them. Still, always a great idea to have a PPI done. These are great cars for your described plans. Very dependable and durable...
  10. DakotaGT

    New Ford GT unveiling

  11. DakotaGT

    New Ford GT unveiling

    Recently drove a NFGT for the first time (thanks to a generous forum member).. had never even ridden in one before, and that was the immediate first impression from both my son and me- WAY more torquey than we expected! Absolutely loved it, and came away very impressed. Completely reinvigorated...
  12. DakotaGT

    New Ford GT unveiling

    Say, that would look really sharp with some Riviera Blue accents... ;)
  13. DakotaGT

    L0054 delivered 2-3-20

    I've been waiting for Guardsman Blue to show up (a la 427 Cobra)...
  14. DakotaGT

    L0054 delivered 2-3-20

    Looks terrific, Lee! Congratulations!
  15. DakotaGT

    How can you increase supercharger wine?

    I told you- just cut off the mid-mufflers, and then you can hear the exhaust dominate everything! :)
  16. DakotaGT

    Buyer Beware!!

    I’ve tried contacting NorthwoodGT before to ask about buying some parts from him. Couple of times. He has never even bothered to respond. My opinion on him was already formed.
  17. DakotaGT

    Ford GT mk2

    Best thing about this particular car is that you KNOW it will be put through the paces on the track! Just stunning, Ben- congrats.
  18. DakotaGT

    Call from concierge

    I'll resist the urge to insert obvious sophomoric joke here... too easy
  19. DakotaGT

    Performance modifications

    Not that I plan on modding mine (whenever I get it), but for the sake of discussion- does anybody know anything about Kurt Busch's GT launch control? Appears to be modified. I've seen videos of it with a noticeably more rapid "stutter" of the launch control speed, which has the potential to...