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  1. Copenhagen GT

    New SPORT car in the stable

    Believe it or not but this is actually the very first car I have ordered NEW from a dealer for my own personal use. So actually the first time I sat down with the dealer and spec´ed a car just the way I wanted. I know you guys who have gotten the NFGT or still waiting for one, my almost 4 month...
  2. Copenhagen GT

    WTB - Harley Davidson Sportster

    Since the 40 year crises came a bit late to me, I´m a bit late looking for a Harley ;):p But better late than never. Since my fellow FGT Forum friends are known for hoarding cool stuff in their garages why not ask here to see if anyone has one or knows someone who does .... I´m looking for...
  3. Copenhagen GT

    WTB - Ford Mustang race car / track car

    Hi all Anyone have one for sale or know someone who might be selling? Looking for a Ford Mustang track car. Only interested in a factory car like the FR500 S or C or the Boss S or R cars. PM me with details Thanks Anders
  4. Copenhagen GT

    4K mile -Red 2006 for sale on "Bring a Trailer" - starting jan 16th

    If you are looking for a car - looks like a nice one. If it stays at 175K I´ll buy it myself :wink
  5. Copenhagen GT

    Vintage Cross Boss intake & Autolite 875 carb for your Ford fans

    Maybe something for you vintage Ford guys? I´m selling my Cross Boss & 875 Autolite Inline as I´ve chosen to go with a much stronger engine combo for my 68 Trans Am Mustang. Feel free to share...
  6. Copenhagen GT

    2019 weight loss program

    Apparently racing regular cars doesn´t help my intake of all the good stuff ..... simply too easy to just "expand" so to speak ... so new and cunning plan for 2019 ..... first race is end April so I guess I better stop eating ahead very soon .... :facepalm::rofl Btw .... best wishes to all my...
  7. Copenhagen GT

    White cars in the sun

    Took out some of the recent purchases out of the garage today …. #30 Miller School car bought from Terry - to replace the #26 FR500S - and now I can actually do a full track day without being banned because of too much noise. Just an awesome track day car. Thanks buddy! The Cayman GT4 I drove...
  8. Copenhagen GT

    My office is too small to fit a car ...

    I spend way too much time in the office .... so I keep adding stuff I find beautiful and cool to look at :wink This is about the biggest piece of art that will fit through the door :rofl:facepalm: What do you think? :cheers Anders
  9. Copenhagen GT

    WTB - fun car for Rally 12

    Hi all Looking forward to Rally 12 - and thinking of maybe buying a fun car to use there instead of renting. I would then bring back the car with me to Denmark after the Rally .... so therefore it will need to fit the crazy Danish import/registration tax system ..... Exotic cars like a FGT or...
  10. Copenhagen GT

    Lego NFGT in Denmark

    In Denmark it seems the new FGT works well as kids play house :) Picture by my good friend Soeren Karmdal whom you´ve met at Rally3, Le Mans 2010 + 16. He knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy designing Lego cars - and he got invited to see the exibition that opens tomorrow...
  11. Copenhagen GT

    Anyone in the Austin area?

    Hi all My daughter is studying Law at the University in Austin until june 2017 and she would like to finish her trip to the US by doing a roadtrip from Austin to LA mid summer 2017. For that she needs a car :) ..... and being a car guy I´d like to help out as much as I can. She on the other...
  12. Copenhagen GT

    Happy birthday Jeff Larson!

    :party Have a great day Mister Million Mile Man :party :cheers Anders
  13. Copenhagen GT

    20th century design table

    I have a special piece of furniture I thought might be of interest to some on this forum. Italian designer Carlo Mollino (1905-1973) is quite famous for his furniture design and unique pieces. A world record price for a piece of 20th Century Furniture was set in June 2005 when a piece...
  14. Copenhagen GT

    Lambo owner looking for "protection"

    I parked my orange Challenger R/T in a almost completely empty - underground & secure parking garage the other morning. When I came back an hour later this is what I found next to my car. Normally when people park next to me when they could have chosen any other spot it irritates me a bit, but...
  15. Copenhagen GT

    WTB - 2008/09 Orange Challenger R/T or SRT-8

    Looking to find a no stories Dodge Challenger car from a trusted seller. Either a regular R/T or a SRT-8 Must be Orange w/dark interior, low to fairly low mileage (condition is more important than mileage) and it must (for tax reasons) be a 2008 or 2009 registered car. I will prefer one with...
  16. Copenhagen GT

    Think this is what you call a barn find - a project to keep me occupied for some time

    Sometimes your day doesn´t really turn out the way you planned it :wink:facepalm: Given how few vintage US car actually are here in Denmark, it was a surprise to me that my new restoration project had been stored less than 1 mile from me for the past many years. (from the import papers I see...
  17. Copenhagen GT

    2015 Mustang pricing in Denmark

    Thought some of you would find it interesting to see how the new "world car" - the 2015 Mustang is being priced around the world. Ford Denmark just released their official prices. Even though the dollar is stronger than in years, prices are still pretty crazy. 2015 Ecoboost 314 hp, manual...
  18. Copenhagen GT

    FIA App. K - Vintage race car - 65 Mustang A-sedan

    SOLD It´s time to try something new in the racing world so after much consideration I now put up my 1965 Mustang vintage race car up for sale. I have been the lucky owner of this historicly significant race Mustang for the last 8 years and we have had many awesome moments together. The car has...
  19. Copenhagen GT

    Video & pictures - Goodwood Revival 2014

    One of the team members has put together a Youtube video combining some of the pictures taken during the 3 days with my in car cam and a little bit of history on the car. Enjoy :wink :cheers Anders Ready on the grid .... nice view right in front...
  20. Copenhagen GT

    race tire go bad .... in a strange way

    This was a first for me - and one that really took us by surprise. We did a track day the other day and after about 10 slow laps - showing my son the track - my right front tire looked like this. In the morning before going out, all 4 tires looked fine. It looks like the top rubber simply...