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    Track Wheels & Tires

    SOLD! - Track Wheels & Tires CCW Corsair C14 Race Wheels – Black Matte 2 – CCW W1907 18 X 10.5" W - No Lip / Backspace 7" (178mm) / Offset +1.5" (38mm) 2 – CCW W2006 18 X 12" W - Lip 1" / Backspace 8" (203mm) / Offset +1.5" (38mm) Yokohama Advan Race Slicks mounted 2 – Yokohama 250/650 R18...

    BBS Lightweight Wheels & OEM Goodyear Tires For Sale

    Spring cleaning ... Set of 4 optional BBS lightweight wheels with OEM Goodyears mounted. Wheels are in excellent condition and have approx. 5K mi on them. Rear Tires are from Sep 2006 and have 2K mi on them, Front Tires 5K mi. $8000 + shipping More pics available

    2005 vs 2006 HP

    Don't know if this has been brought up before, but a seller in WI is stating that the 2006 GT's were detuned by 50 hp because of the axle bolt failures ..... "Did you know that the 2005 cars had over 50 hp MORE than the 2006 cars? It is true (of course after mods they can be equal) Ford reduced...

    The World Clock - A Must See

    I Like the one about Nigerian scams...

    Epic Bearded Man for President ...

    This is why we drive our GT's instead of the taking the Oakland Transit System ...... :box:

    A BIG Texas Thanks!

    As some of you fellow Rally IV goers already know, I had a little bad luck with a few trailer tires coming back from the Mile event. Actually the day before, I used up my only spare on a flat returning to Austin from Texas World Speedway. So, as the story goes, returning back to the hotel on...

    Carbon Exhuast Insert

    Does anyone have a carbon fiber exhuast insert (new or used) I can buy?

    Whipple Rattle

    After getting the car out from winter storage, I have discovered a noisy rattle which appears to come from my 3.4L Whipple. It's about 3 years old and 10K on it. I haven't called Whipple yet. Any ideas on how bad this might be?? :confused

    Nigerian GT Scam

    My friend Tom in LA has just begun looking for a used GT. He calls me and asks my advice and I told him to call Shelby at Elite Autos, which he did and almost bought one. Next day he sends me an email with an attachment from with a few GT’s attached. One, a 2005 located in...

    Tracking the Whipple 3.3?

    Has anyone with a Whipple 3.3L tracked their car? If so, what are the pluses and minuses, if any (i.e. too unmanageable etc.)? Also,what would be the best pulley size (psi) for best all around results on a typical road course?