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  1. Awsum GT

    The Legend of Larry Holt

    Great read. Enjoyed talking to Larry and Raj at Multimatic while visiting my GT on the floor there. He was more excited about the GT than I was... and I had an ear to ear smile the entire trip. He went on for almost an hour describing all the parts that together make the new GT before Raj...
  2. Awsum GT

    Personalized Plates

  3. Awsum GT

    The Return

    This is AWESOME news... can’t wait! Also hope the dates come quickly and we are not busy that week...
  4. Awsum GT

    New Ford GT unveiling

    That's actually cheap compared to the CF rear bumper panel that surrounds the license plate at $6,500
  5. Awsum GT

    New Ford GT unveiling

    knowing how much one small CF piece on the new GT costs.. I can only imagine what a larger panel will cost if damaged.
  6. Awsum GT

    New Ford GT unveiling

    and we thought this would never be an option! I love it but I am VERY happy with my liquid red GT!
  7. Awsum GT


    Congrats Edsel! Well deserved... Gotta love the Ford Family!
  8. Awsum GT

    NFGT Mark II - bought by Google VP Benjamin Sloss Treynor

    Love your new ride neighbor!
  9. Awsum GT

    Lemans and Laguna Seca Pins

  10. Awsum GT

    FS: Optional and Standard 05-06 wheels

    I noticed the date but didn’t see any reply’s. Thought it would be worth an ask.
  11. Awsum GT

    FS: Optional and Standard 05-06 wheels

    do you still have the stock 5 spoke wheels for sale... if so, would you take less?
  12. Awsum GT

    Comparing Cars With Different Number of Miles

    Fly to California... you will not be disappointed :)
  13. Awsum GT

    Comparing Cars With Different Number of Miles

    You already know where the best looking and set up 05 GT is... pull the trigger!
  14. Awsum GT

    Little drive in the GT with NO EXHAUST...OH YES!

    I don't understand why you didn't have a smile on your face??
  15. Awsum GT

    Public service announcement: List of Ford GTs at upcoming auctions (with links)

    Wondering if the values at auctions are representative of the retail car market?
  16. Awsum GT

    New Aviator in the Family

    Nice... I ordered one as well... have to wait a few months until my current lease is up to take delivery.
  17. Awsum GT

    Pat Milliken Car rendering framed

    Love mine as well... Thanks to Garen, Pat, Kevin and everyone at Milliken Ford. Awesome purchase experience. Super glad Kevin made it out to our delivery!
  18. Awsum GT

    2020 - It's on

    did you add the blue stripe separating the blue and orange paint on the GT? The 1968 Heritage didn't come with the stripe
  19. Awsum GT

    Just shed a tear!!!!!!!

    going to ruin someone's day for sure.
  20. Awsum GT

    Valkyrie...more magic from MultiMatic

    pretty amazing car