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    windshield a/c vents

    Hey guys. My windshield a/c vents isn't closing properly which causes my windshield to moist. Does anyone here know how I can access the flaps in the said vents? DO I need to bring down my whole dash just so i can access them (i hope not!). Thanks in advance! Cheers and Godspeed!
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    Midnight Run

    Hi guys, Just want to share with you guys a clip my friend made to document one of our midnight runs. Cars in the video are Lamborghini Murcielago (DMS tune, RWD conversion, Larini exhaust), Nissan GTR (HKS 600 kit), Ford GT (stock) and Porsche 997...
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    VIN No.

    Just a quick question guys.... My VIN no. is 1FAFP90SX5Y400254. Does the last 3 number indicate my car is the 254th GT produced in the entire production or it's the 254th GT produced during 2005? Also if anyone can enlighten me on what the other digits / letters mean, it would be greatly...
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    First post

    Hi guys, This is my first post here but I have been following the threads here for quite sometime. In fact I used this forum as my "bible" when I was scouting around for a fgt. This forum is simply awesome! :thumbsup About a month and a half ago I became an official proud owner of a 05 red fgt...