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    rear license plate bulb?

    hey guys, noticed on of my rear plate bulbs is out....didn't look at the lens for more than a few seconds but how do you get it off to get to the bulb? Also I store my GT (and other cars) at an offsite garage so if someone can look at their shop manual and tell me what bulb it is I'd appreciate...
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    Rear window/vent trim - need ASAP

    Hi everyone, my car is in a show this Wed and I have paint damage to this trim from detail polishing of the paint near this plastic black trim, I need either some original black trim or carbon or some other option fast!! Anyone with some MSG me, appreciate it...tiny
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    Scissor door mod

    Just thought I'd share process of the scissor door mod that Shelby is doing for's the first set of pics, from truck to Shelby and day one of the work...several posts to get more than 5 images up :)
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    many of us are likely on the verge of a heart attack

    ok, now that I got you to bite on the title I'm trying to help raise money for the American Heart Association (AHA) ....a good friend at work had a stroke, he's recovering, doing physical therapy and unfortunately the cause of the stroke is unknown...I'm joining a larger group that he's...
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    Ford Power

    Hi folks, just thought I'd share a gear head post...building a 427 Cobra and had Smeding Peformance in Tx build the motor, a aluminum 351W block, stroked to 427, custom AFR heads, lightweight forged rotating parts, Stack fuel injection (looks like 4 2-bl webers) and pump gas, dyno results I...
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    GT40 at Sonoma Historics

    Hi folks....was at the Sonoma (used to be Infineon, still Sears Point to me) for the historics qualifying, was helping a friend with an old Alpha...there was a single GT40 running and took some pics and chatted with the care taker of some British guy about the car, great to see in the...
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    scissor door mod in SF Bay Area?

    Hi everyone, wondering if any owners in my area (SF Bay Area) have had the door mod like Wwabbit's in this post by someone in this area? thanks....Tiny PS. Shelby, I know I should have thought...
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    Which hydraulic dolly system?

    Figured I'd see what opinions you all have on these car dollies....need one that will do 13" wide tires as this is for my 427 Go-Jack? or OTC? Or another? thanks....Tiny
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    Passenger door unlock?

    only 125 miles on the car :) and last night after a short drive and into the garage I wanted to clean the windshield inside on the passenger side (you see all that stuff with sunset light on your glass :)...anyway, the electric door switch on the passenger side did nothing, no sound, nothing...
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    My GT going thru mods

    Shelby was kind enough to send me some pics of the bumper delete, exhaust, pulley/tune and short shifter mods underway!
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    New owner, as of today!

    Hi everyone, I just purchased a 2006 Tungsten with no options with 83 miles on it from Shelby (and he has been truly great)...he's doing the GTG bumper delete and x-pipe, putting the BBS wheels on it and doing the pulley and flash before shipping it to me. Can't wait....I have previously bought...