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  1. donnymac

    300 MPH in car video

    Mark congratulations to you and the team....even Mihovetz!
  2. donnymac

    Happy Birthday thegtguy !!

    Happy birthday Rich!
  3. donnymac

    Airbag Recall

    Thank you sir. Most appreciated.
  4. donnymac

    Airbag Recall

    Dealer sent a tech to your house for the swap? That's what me and and a few others would like to have happen, too. Thanks.
  5. donnymac

    Happy Belated Birthday Magic !!

    Happy birthday Gary! Enjoy a hill country drive!
  6. donnymac

    J107 Is Under Way

    Twisted Sisters re-run when you're ready! Car looks outstanding, Mike!
  7. donnymac

    J105 West Texas Delivery

    Boots are perfect! Great photo. Solid black is strong....good choice.
  8. donnymac

    22' Jimglo on Craigslist

    Saw the ad while searching for upgrades to mine. Have no clue if it's still available. 11 days old on the ad. Craigslist Medford OR. DM
  9. donnymac

    The Second '67 Heritage in the Lone Star State!

    Great looking car Ajai! Bring it out west and we will run Big Bend with some other GTs. Car really looks good!
  10. donnymac

    #0045 Home safe and sound in Texas

    An owner's saga continues. That Is cool! And an auto show in Houston is always a blast. An absolutely great town. Congrats Mr. Hamon!
  11. donnymac

    Post your prediction of what the GT will sell for at Barret Jackson.

    $2.71MM Plus $0.65MM per autograph added on stage.
  12. donnymac

    Someone here turned 60?

    Happy Birthday Ed!!!!!
  13. donnymac

    Happy Birthday to our ring leader DBK

    Dave Happy Birthday!!!
  14. donnymac

    Happy Birthday Silverbullitt !!

    Late Happy Birthday. Austin is a good place to celebrate! See you down the road.
  15. donnymac

    Ford GT Rally 12 Film

    Excellent documentary of the Rally. Very well done by all envolved. Camera guys were a fun visit and really good at what they do.
  16. donnymac

    Texas 2005 GT that needs a PPI

    Send me the info. I am an hour north of SA for today and mañana.
  17. donnymac

    Happy Birthday thegtguy !!

    Rich a late happy birthday to you!
  18. donnymac

    Cool Tech's Ryan Pond Secures SoCal 2017 SM NASA Champ Title

    Excellent achievements across the board. Faster cars and longer races ahead! Congratulations to all!
  19. donnymac

    BEWARE - Kamikaze products

    How do the latches on either front fender look? Were they affected?
  20. donnymac

    BEWARE - Kamikaze products

    Check your PM. I can describe a process way easier than I can type it. Call me.