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  1. Vince H

    T-Minus 48hr Countdown

    Forum Members, Two days from now, Reliable Trucking is scheduled to deliver my 2019 Ford GT. Honestly, I am still in disbelief that Ford Motor Company selected my family and I for an allocation. (The possibility of being selected was only in my wildest dreams.) Proud to be included with my...
  2. Vince H

    Ford Engines Past and Present

    This article kind of skims the top but still not a bad 5 min read. Vince H
  3. Vince H

    VIR Today !!

    2016 Michelin GT Challenge at VIR Dirk takes second in Practice 1. Let's keep the podium streak going. Go Blu! Vince H
  4. Vince H

    IMSA - GT's Racing at Road America

    GT's are racing this weekend at Road America/Continental Tire Challenge! As DBK says, "fast track, good for the GTs." Race duration is short though at 2 hours 40 min. Qualifying is critical in my opinion for a race this short. Regardless, hoping CGR/Ford Performance continue this...
  5. Vince H

    GT Tracks

    So there are several ongoing discussions regarding absent side mirrors, diffusers, rear cameras, radar, transaxle refinement ect. I think it's time to up the stakes and talk about something truly important . . . . how the GT sounds on the track. :lol I've heard both sides on this topic and...
  6. Vince H

    Happy Birthday Specracer

    Happy Birthday Andy. Mr. receiver of the rarest of attendance coins at the Rally. Hope it's a rad one. Vince H
  7. Vince H

    Purchasing a Car out of State

    Gentlemen, I'm considering buying a little 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP for Susan. The car is located in Stewartville, MN. Most of you know I live in SoCal. I've never bought a car out of state before. Other than a PPI or at least having someone one take a once over, I would really appreciate...
  8. Vince H

    Carroll Shelby Tribute & Car Show / Gardena Ca. 2014

    There is a Carroll Shelby / Cobra Daytona Coupe Tribute & Car Show in Gardena tomorrow. Here is the info ... Carroll Shelby Tribute & Car Show 19021 South Figueroa Street Gardena, Ca. 90248 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Looks like Camilo will be there as well. I'm going to drive in from Riverside to...
  9. Vince H

    Rally 8 Snaps from a Novice

    I made a few albums on my profile page of the pictures I snapped at Rally 8. I apologize in advance as I do not have the talent, skill and eye of Camilo, Michelle and Randy. Hopefully though you might see a shot of your own GT or even of you. I hope they bring a smile. Susan and I can't...
  10. Vince H

    Rally 8 Reference

    I see in the description of this Forum that Rally 8 is posted as being in Northern California. Any other info than that at this time?
  11. Vince H

    2012 Big Bear / Arrowhead Snap Shots

    GT members interested: I made an album and put it on my home page of the pictures Susan and I snapped of the SoCal run this past Saturday. I'm not 1/1000th of the photographer that some of you are but they are up none the less. Vince H (I also put this same message up in the SoCal thread...
  12. Vince H

    Wanted to express my gratitude

    GT Ladies & Gentlemen, I just wanted to thank all of you for the awesome info on the site. I’ve been using the search function for the last few weeks and reading a bunch of great threads regarding the GT. By far I have learned more on this site than I even thought was out there. Any ways, I...