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  1. Beez

    BNIB Intercooler for sale

    OK to delete, post N/A
  2. Beez

    Excess gear whine from transaxle

    2 days ago my 2200 mile '06 started making a new noise I need to figure out asap - booked for local track day this Friday, then Rally in 2 weeks. The noise is rotational and wheel speed dependent, not rpm. Easiest to hear around 45 - 55 mph. The tone of the whining/whirring noise seems similar...
  3. Beez

    Rally 12 itinerary?

    Just wondering about any broad outlines - Is the Motorsports Park one day, or two? Which day? Any other particular event scheduled?
  4. Beez

    Tungsten no stripe featured in promotional video

    The shop that detailed my car partnered with C-Quartz to produce a professional video. If you don't watch it all, please skip to the last minute for my favorite part : )
  5. Beez

    To Film 40% or maybe 100%?

    My Tungsten Delete's appt for film and ceramic coating is getting close. I have had two other cars done in the past year and am practically in awe of how far the quality and transparency of these products has come over the years. Both were the usual 40% film cover; windshield forward, sills...
  6. Beez

    WTB used Ford Performance/Borla Gen 2 muffler

    Purchase made. Thank you FGT forum for saving me from the cost of new.
  7. Beez

    Ready to find my '05-'06 GT; who might be selling?

    Found my Tungsten No stripe! 1/23/17 Edit - This thread has been titled "Searching for my '05-'06 GT - who might be selling?" Now I am going to use the same thread for my "New Owner - Here's what I got!" posts. Here is my best pic so far, followed by the original 12/20/16 post. Then I'll be...