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    tire pressure

    What is the Tire pressure for michelin Pilotsport for 19/20 inch wheels?
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    rear tow hook

    Is there somebody out there ,whom installed a rear tow hook for track use?? please send some pictures, my car has the bumper delete kit
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    new goodies from ford gt parts

    fluid caps and harnass with GTX-1 logo
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    wich tire on a wet track day ?

    I ordered a set of hoosier R6 today,but what tires do I use on a rainy day on the track?? the OEM GY??? thanks in advance Willem
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    GTX-1 website info wanted.

    Does anybody know if the website of Genaddi Design regarding the story of the GTX-1 is forever or just temporarily shut down?
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    park distance control

    I want to install a PDC system on my car(front and back side) ,Is there already some one whom has this on his car?? help full ideas? or pictures???Thanks in advance WILLEM
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    Which tire code?

    I need some help to choose the right tires for my FORD GTX-1. I have new SEMA-edition wheels 19”and 20” I want tire size :255/35-ZR19 and 335/30-ZR20 I have to choose between PIRELLI PZERO ROSSO ASIMMETRICO and MICHELIN PILOT SPORT SP2 1) PIRELLI 335/30-ZR20 is only available with...
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    michelin ps2 vs pirelli pzero rosso

    I want to buy 335/30-20 and 255/35-19 ( only for normal road use) I can not dicide which one to buy ,any suggestions? THANKS Willem
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    Is it possible to block the EGR tube, without getting trouble codes in the ecu?
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    sema gtx-1 wheels

    Is there someone out there how know how to order these wheels??? or the manufactory??
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    sema wheels

    Is there somebody out there who knows how to order a set of sema wheels??? or the manufactory??