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    EV cars, is the future there ? Porsche rocks the Ring with the Taycan

    Taycan sets EV Ring record Your move Tesla.
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    Ford ending the GT Racing program after 2019 saison

    not really unexpected, but still a bit sad. Susanne and ne really enjoyed the 2016 experience, a once of a lifetime. Thanks to everyone at Ford and @DBK to make that possible. Hope we do not need to wait another 50...
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    NFGT in Europe

    driven by some german automotive reporters
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    School is not over

    For all you car guys that feel a bit uncertain if you get the names of german car companies right, here is the ultimative school lesson. Enjoy !
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    For the inner child

    My news isn't anywhere as spectacular like the first new Forum GT rollout, but is available to all of us financially and even better, there is no application process :willy Seems like Lego has decided to come up with sets regarding the iconic GT40 and the new GT. Expected to hit the shelves in...
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    New technical detail: Transmission

    At least I can reveal something I have not read here yet (hopefully not because of my bad memory). So here it is, the manufacturer of the new transmission is Getrag (former german transmission company, now fully owned by Canadian/Austrian Magna) and it is a seven speed twin clutch. Probably the...
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    Happy new year everyone

    Hope that all of you have been kind so we finally see the first pictures from members with their new GTs. Matthias
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    WEC 07th May 2016 in Spa / Belgium

    Fellow GT racing fans, currently considering attending the race next week saturday 2:30pm. Anyone else showing up there ? Any special tickets available for Ford GT fans that want to get closer to the heat ? Anything I need to know when I have never been there (parking lot for GT drivers) ...
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    Huge Image Library found (Karl Ludvigsen Photograph Collection)

    Stanford University Revs Image Library found just came across this in another car forum, great pictures from the past. Beware, there are sooooo many images from sooooo many old cars you could easily spend countless hours exploring them (adjust the car filters on the left)...
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    Seems like days for independent italian design companies are finally over

    Pininfariana, design company for many Ferrari cars, got bought 75% by Mahindra for approx 185M ==> Bertone has gone bankrupt last year...
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    Nelson Piquet has a Ford GT ... with 950HP

    Hi guys, just stumbled over a german news article which describes former Formula 1 champion Nelson Piquet's absolutely uber awesome amazing garage and of course there is also a red Ford GT with 950HP in it (this man did everything right ... this makes me jealous ;) ) Link to the article...
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    Acceleration ... that's wicked fast

    2.9sec 0 to 100km/h (62mp/h) Wonder what time the new GT might need
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    Anyone got one of these 1:12 models ?

    Recently stumbled over this, do we have any owners that can comment about quality ?
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    era of purely electric powered cars no longer far away

    era of purely electric powered cars getting closer What do you think about this Porsche ? It is just a concept, but the technical details look very interesting. Whenever you hit the pedal, gobs of torque. Really looking forward to the future...
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    New addition: Porsche 914/6 GT

    Hi guys, do we have any guys here with an addiction towards air-cooled midengined german metal from the 70s ? I have been dreaming of those since I was a child and now an opportunity came up I couldn't miss. Since last week I am a proud owner of this 1970 Porsche 914/6 GT with a 993 engine...
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    Koenigsegg One doing 0-300-0 km/h

    in just 17.95 seconds. Absolutely stunning :eek:eek:eek
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    Rally X accomodation

    Hi guys, since I am always a bit late to the party I have just started looking for an accommodation for Rally X (my first one) just to find out that the Henry seems not to have any more rooms left :facepalm: Since I guess I am not the only late bird, what options are left for staying. Or are...
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    Suspension Alignment Specifications

    Hi guys, tried the search already but didn't found what I was looking for. My car guys have mounted my KW V3 HLS suspension lately, but for alignment purposes they do not have a base to start with, since the car came on flat non original wheels/tires. Somebody here that could help me and...
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    Timepiece Advice needed

    Hi guys, judging the length of the timepiece thread I am hoping that someone here might be in the position to offer a recommendation for me (also a great chance to show off your knowledge :wink). I am looking for a watch for everyday use around 1K US$. Looking for something that is not clunky...
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    Reviews: Matech Racing Ford FIA GT1 World Championship Cased Book Set

    Hi guys, after receiving my book set a few hours ago I just thought it might be a good idea to give reviews a good and separated home from the order thread. I hope a lot of reviews are coming within the next days/weeks once all of you have received their long awaited sets. Regards Matthias