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    Climate Control Issue

    Gents: While driving home from Atlanta, I noticed an issue with Climate Control in my 2005GT. Fortunately, the A/C blows cold (thank god) through the main forward facing vents. I did however notice the rotary control that allows you to select if air blows thru lower vents, 'regular' forward...
  2. J

    Oil pressure sending switch questions...?

    Gents,, I am thinking my oil pressure sending switch just went bad today. I have Speedhut gauges, all of which work fine. I took car out for test drive in preparation for road trip to Atlanta on Wednesday. While driving, oil pressure reads fine. When I parked, with engine running, oil...
  3. J

    Ceramic Coating

    Forgive me if discussed before - you guys think it is worth ceramic coating over Xpel, or mostly BS? Pretty pricey - about $2000/car for the coating here I'm told.
  4. J

    How to mount non-carbon wheels...

    Gents, My GT is getting close. Ordered it with carbon wheels. I already bought a 'spare' set of non-carbon wheels from Ford that I'm thinking of powder coating a different color. I know it's been discussed, but I can't recall - Apparently one needs to do something 'special' to use them on a...
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    Change signature

    Can't figure out how to edit signature in new forum format? I'm sure something simple... Thanks in advance
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    Dodge Demon - brand new, awesome blue color

    Gents - After having been given the great opportunity for a special edition GT spot - and after much hesitation - I am reluctantly putting my new Dodge Demon for sale. I ordered it in this admittedly awesome Indigo Blue color and configuration and I am the original owner. They were/are really...
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    Amelia Island Concours

    Not sure if anbody is going to the Amelia Island Concours d Elegance this weekend. It is a fabulous event for those on the fence. If so, because of forecasted rain Sunday, the show is now officially moved to Saturday AM, from 9:30am-5pm. Some of the auction schedules have changed too. For...
  8. J

    Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas

    I'm sure some of you guys have some rural property, and have probably addressed this. Any ideas on how to boost the cell phone signal, in an area where this is minimal service? Thanks!
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    notifications not coming through?? I am not sure if I messed something up, but I don't seem to receive notification to my email address of private messages, or subscriptions.
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    Mustang 350R question

    Curious - are the stripes on the new 350R's removable vinyl, or painted on? Been toying with the idea of one, but not a stripe guy for whatever reason. Also, curious thoughts of owners on car in general. Have ridden in one and really liked it. Didn't get to drive.
  11. J

    Transport from SLC airport to Park City

    Gents, Anyone find a company or transport service they are usng to get from the airport in Salt Lake, to the hotel in Park CIty? As my car is being shipped, I really don't need to rent anything. Theoretically, arriving to airport Tues night 8:15pm. Thanks and see you all soon!
  12. J

    Anyone near West Palm Beach, Florida ...?

    Favor - Anyone near West Palm Beach, Florida ...? Any body near West Palm Beach, FL who might be able to do me a big favor and lay eyes on a car at a small dealer down there in next day or two? Would be most grateful, and buy loads of drinks in Utah for you.... Please PM me if at all possible...
  13. J

    Mercedes SLS Black Series Thoughts....?

    Gents, Curious if any of you have any thoughts/experience with the 2014 SLS Black Series "Gullwing"? For some reason (perhaps b/c my GT allocation was pushed a good bit back), been thinking about what would be fun in the interim. Power train seems impressive, and I suspect it is the last...
  14. J

    Steering wheel a bit off center

    Gents, My car is riding nicely and had rear toe links fixed (see other thread). Now no pulling to one side on hard acceleration, and car tracks straight down the highway as well, but... I have somewhat recently noticed my wheel has to be about 3 deg turned to the right (clockwise) to go...
  15. J

    Hoosiers for street driving?

    Gents, I have had a new set of Hoosiers sitting on extra rims for about 4 1/2 years now, and have never had the chance to mount and try them. I normally run Bridgestones, which I like. I have been thinking about putting the Hoosiers on before our Utah trip in August, which would be nice for the...
  16. J

    Alignment question

    Gents- As I need to replace my rear toe links (see other thread), I was advised to have 4 wheel alignment done afterwards. I have a friend who is a great race mechanic who can replace the suspension bits, however I don't have much faith in my local Ford dealer to do the alignment. The local...
  17. J

    Car pulls to side on hard acceleration

    UPDATE: Car pulls to 1 side only on hard acceleration Gents- Had my GT out today cruising in nice warm weather. Have good Bridgestones on it. Car tracks perfectly straight down the highway while cruising at 60-80mph. However, with moderate-harder acceleration, car noticeably pulls to the...
  18. J

    FS: Billet Ultra Grip Pulley - 3.5" for Whipple

    *SOLD* Billet Ultra Grip Pulley - 3.5" for Whipple Gents- I have a 3.5" billet ultra-grip pulley I bought from John some time ago. It is really cool, finely crafted, and in lightly used shape. I used it for maybe a year (2500 +/- miles) on my Gen 2 Whipple supercharger without difficulty. I...
  19. J

    Electrical problem solved

    I drove my car to my mechanic friend's private workshop today for its annual oil change and check up. The drive went fine. I parked outside, and five minutes later the car wouldn't start. Had weird electrical gremlins, lights flashing, gauges moving up and back etc... Starter wouldn't engage...
  20. J

    Water Wetter for Cooler Temps?

    Was talking to some guys at the Rally about how I might get my car to run a bit cooler. Car is frequently 210+ in our hot Florida temps. It had been suggested that I add some water wetter to my engine coolant. 2 quick questions: Wondering if can just pour some in the engine coolant reservoir...