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  1. roketman


    With the Gt leaving IMSA , I have lost my interest in going to the races! My team is gone and so am I! The Ford GT’s will really be missed! To bad I would have loved to see them kick some butt on the new Corvette! Just my 02
  2. roketman

    My new Ford

    Well after not a lot of thought I realized,why shouldn’t I enjoy driving in the winter? So I picked this up from my local Ford dealer this week.
  3. roketman

    Congratulations Ryan Briscoe

    Glad to see him staying in IMSA! Best of luck mate! Although your talent rules supreme!
  4. roketman

    My new ride

    Well bought one of my dream cars this week A 2017 V12 Vantage S with the sport plus package with manual dog leg 7 speed transmission.1 of 100 made and 1 of 50 in coupe 600 miles on it Very thrilled to say the least. It’s a beast! Farewell to my 08 GT2 and my 2013 V8 vantage
  5. roketman

    13 year anniversary

    13 years old this week!53,000miles of shear driving enjoyment! This car ever gets old. Iconic it is! Thanks to Ford and the build team !Camilo nailed the design!Kip Ewing nailed the interior Mark McGowan for its the crisp handling and Tom Reichenbach for his engineering Brilliance.Special thanks...
  6. roketman

    Petite Lemans
  7. roketman

    Ford GT Performance video
  8. roketman


    We got 3 GT’s running tomorrow!
  9. roketman

    Audrain Motor week

    A pretty amazing day in Newport Rhode Island Some amazing cars! Tommy Kendal loves the Ford GT!Me too!
  10. roketman

    Titanium Exhaust for sale

    I am selling my used 3k mile TT EXHAUST Perfect condition! 2k plus shipping I also have a brand new TT exhaust in the box for 3k
  11. roketman

    Gauge selection

    Just curious what gauge selections you folks like the most?
  12. roketman

    A new mileage milestone

    Can’t stop driving it!
  13. roketman

    Personal Owner experience

    So I made copies of all my build pictures ,window sticker the build doc, the nice letter they sent you.Than added a picture of my GT that was in a magazine. Than decided to frame it and hang it! I know this great group of GT junkies would understand the addiction
  14. roketman


    I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this work of art.Its most definitely NOT the regular Autodromo watches I have purchased in the past And I love them as well!This watch is like wearing your GT on your wrist! Worth every penny! I just love it! The Ford GT Owners Edition Chronograph is a...
  15. roketman

    Heaven to me !

    Heaven to me is driving a GT on a race track!Listen for the down shifts at the end!
  16. roketman

    Ford GT Rules!
  17. roketman

    Driving Bliss!

    Every mile has been shear bliss! I just can’t stop wanting to drive the New GT! My 06 is feeling deprived!
  18. roketman

    Carbon Series Watch

    Thanks to Bradley at Autodromo and Camilo for his help! Looking forward to getting this gem!
  19. roketman

    Car blower/dryer

    Anyone try the Big Boi car blower? I just got it and am thoroughly impressed 6 speeds 3 Attachments and blows 20 degrees warmer than outside temp. The temp is adjustable as well
  20. roketman

    Love Sunset

    A ride in the GT for Sunset is one of my favorite things! Going to the track is my number one!