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    Hidden dangers of buying low mile car?

    Wow. As someone who drove one over 30,000 miles this thread is fascinating to me. A clear reminder of why these cars need to be driven. Rich did the bulk of the work on my car, and pretty sure (even after 30K) it had less “maintenance” work performed on it than this “in the wrapper” car. AND I...

    The Return

    That’s awfully convenient to pass up...

    My new no-stripe Tungsten GT! (a.k.a. Paul, Brian, and Rich's excellent adventure)

    Always awesome when the perfect buyer and seller meet. This one sounds like it couldn’t have been better. Congrats to you both! Also, stripe delete really is a beautiful look on these cars. I had full stripes on Midnight Blue 2005 and never regretted it, but solid blue (or red, or silver, or...

    Serious question for guys who actually drive these cars a lot

    I put 31,000 miles on mine in 13 years, including two trips from LA to Monterey (got to run Laguna on one of those), a trip to Vegas, a trip to Santa Barbara, a trip Palo Alto, a trip to Salt Lake City (was pretty cool showing up for the 2017 Ford GT press launch in my own GT...) and a trip to...

    Which blue to pick?

    It was very difficult for me to go with Liquid Blue from the standpoint that it’s one of, if not THE, most popular color on the new GT. I never like having a ”common” color, and with the ECP option on the new GT there’s no reason to have a common color. HOWEVER — every time I went through the...

    Detailed charts: Percentage and number of each color and stripe configuration

    Ha! Heritages cars were the SECOND MOST POPULAR production model in 2006. More than red! That won’t be true for any of the new Ford GT production years. :D

    Non-Mac rear center console wanted

    But-but-but...EVERYONE wants a four option car!! What are you thinking??!! :ROFLMAO:

    Detailed charts: Percentage and number of each color and stripe configuration

    Two things that jump out at me: 1. 541 Tungstens in 2006 makes it the highest production number in a single year other than red in the first year. I knew a lot of tungstens were made in 2006 but not that it was the second highest production. 2. On a related note, that’s almost 100 more tungstens...

    New Ford GT unveiling

    Love the look...but I know carbon fiber doesn’t like UV rays. Of course it’s been clear coated to protect it (just like the carbon fiber stripes on my 2019 car), yet I still find myself nervous about all that exposed surface area of carbon fiber. But that‘s just me. I‘m sure Ford wouldn’t offer...
  10. ENZO BTR

    L0054 delivered 2-3-20

    I love seeing these bold choices on ECP. Great combo with the accents!
  11. ENZO BTR

    Public service announcement: List of Ford GTs at upcoming auctions (with links)

    I’m going to second this sentiment. The McLaren 675 LT is a hell of a ride. Half price for a ”new” convertible version is a screaming deal, no matter how you slice it (even with a few “unscheduled” dealer visits...). Those cars were made in relatively low numbers, and I think they will be one...
  12. ENZO BTR

    Comparing Cars With Different Number of Miles

    I feel like the stripe/no stripe position is pretty evenly split. I like both and I think that’s because the car looks so good either way. Same with color — car looks good in every color, so it‘s really up to buyer preference and how strong it is (I’m pretty fussy on my car colors, so even...
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    Cool interactive map

    Very cool...but what the hell is going on in Central Africa? The rest make sense.
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    A little late for Xmas; But?

    I bought one for the toy charity I went to on the 14th...and was highly tempted to buy a spare for me. Very cool R/C combo.
  15. ENZO BTR

    50 Years Celebration T-Shirt

    Very cool. Order placed.
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    Don’t get me started on that review. Or the reviewer. :rolleyes:
  17. ENZO BTR

    So Cal Ford movie get together Nov 16?

    I will have seen the movie twice by Saturday (once tomorrow night, once again Friday afternoon), but I might make it to OC Cars & Coffee on Saturday.
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    Hagerty has jumped the shark.

    You’re making me want to scour my policy. If this is in there, I’m gone.
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    50 Years Celebration Tumbler

  20. ENZO BTR

    Maxemus' Interview with VinWiki

    Shout out from Ernie! That was indeed a wonderful day when we got our initial allocation letters.