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  1. ChipBeck

    Concours in the Hills - 2020

    Gentlenen, This is the 7th time that GT owner Peter Volny has staged this event on the beautiful grass fields surrounding the lake and massive Fountain northeast of Scottsdale to raise money for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. It was the largest yet with 1100 cars on display, a massive crowd...
  2. ChipBeck

    Attention AZ GT Owners - Concours in the Hills - Feb 8, 2020

    Gentlemen, Every year Arizona car scene heavyweight, great guy, and GT owner Peter Volny puts on the biggest car show in Arizona to benefit the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Last year 941 cars were on display spread out on the beautiful grass areas surrounding the lake that contains the world's...
  3. ChipBeck

    15th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner - Thursday Jan. 16

    Gentlemen, It's been a lot of fun over the last 14 years so let's do it again!! Ford GT owners along with their wives/girlfriends (or both) flying in for Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale next month are invited to join us for this 15th Annual gathering of the faithful at 7:00pm on Thursday January 16...
  4. ChipBeck

    Info Needed from EVERYONE attending the AZ Ford vs Ferrari Event.

    Gentlemen, I need the following info from everybody attending. PROVIDING THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. Admittance to the movie premier will be by checking names on a list provided to 20th Century Fox, tickets will not be provided and if your name is not on their list you will not be admitted to the...
  5. ChipBeck

    Ford Racing Borla Muffler Problems - Need Advice

    Gentlemen, My 2006 GT is currently at The GT Guy Shop in MI and Rich told me my Borla muffler is rattling because something inside it has broken. I put that muffler on because my hearing sucks and I cant hear conversation with my old unmuffled cat-back. Does anybody here know where I can find...
  6. ChipBeck

    Photos Start on page 4 - AZ Ford vs Ferrari Party/Rally Drive/Premire

    Note: This event has reached the cap of 35 GT's. If a space opens up I'll post availability here. Gentlemen, Peter Volny has finally received confirmation that 20th Century Fox will be hosting a Western U.S. Premiere showing of the Ford vs. Ferrari movie for invited Ford GT and Ferrari...
  7. ChipBeck

    Need help disabling the "door ajar" alarm in '06 GT.

    Gentlemen, One of the door ajar sensors is faulty in my 2006 GT and about every 15 seconds the door ajar red light flashes on the dash and a super annoying alarm sounds off for about 3 seconds. My car is going back to Rich in MI for some other work soon and he'll fix the problem but I'd like...
  8. ChipBeck

    Luftgekuhlt 6

    Gentlemen, The Porsche owners in our ranks are familiar with this annual gathering of air-cooled Porsche street and race cars from the first 356’s in the ‘50’s to the last 993’s built in 1998. An incredible variety of super rare air cooled race cars like the 550 Spyder and the 917 were parked...
  9. ChipBeck

    Chip Beck's Jeep CJ-5 For Sale on Bring a Trailer

    Gentlemen, 25 years ago while I was still an automobile dealer I spent over $100,000 in parts and labor to build the worlds nicest factory V-8 numbers matching CJ-5. A lot of our members have seen it at my home over the last 15 years and know how nice it is. At the time I built it (1993) the...
  10. ChipBeck

    Chip Beck's 2007 Shelby GT/SC Mustang for sale.

    Gentlemen, My 500HP 2007 Shelby GT/SC has just 22,000 miles and is flawless inside and out with just one paint chip on the leading edge of the hood scoop. I've owned it since new and the only time this car has been outside was when I was driving it. I've had 3 Shelby Mustangs and this was my...
  11. ChipBeck

    Sentimental, nostalgic, and painful.

    Gentlemen, Funny, my son Charley is not sentimental at all. Perhaps that will change when he gets older. I seem to have an overdose of that quality and as I age it causes more pain than pleasure. Most of our long-term members have gathered with me here in Arizona at Don and Charlie's. A...
  12. ChipBeck

    Arizona Road Rally

    Gentlemen, AZ stalwart Forum members Barry and Arlette are leading us on a two day trek all over northern Arizona. From Phoenix tor Prescott, up to the old mining town of Jerome, through Sedona, and into Flagstaff. We’ll spend the night here and head to the Grand Canyon in the morning...
  13. ChipBeck

    Genuine Ford GT - Chip Ganassi Fireproof Jacket

    Gentlemen, During our inaugural trip to Daytona to see the new GT’s race for the first time I thought the Ford driver’s fireproof suits were incredibly good looking. I told DBK that I’d really like to acquire one and Dave told me they weren’t available and are very expensive. Sparco did make...
  14. ChipBeck

    13th Annual Barrett-Jackson FGTF Dinner

    Gentlemen, The more things change, the more I don’t. So, let’s do the same damn thing for the 13th time! On Thursday night, January 17 at 7:00pm there will be a gathering of the faithful at Don & Charlie’s in Scottsdale, AZ. If you’re coming to Barrett-Jackson please join us for sparkling...
  15. ChipBeck

    Air leak in my new GT???

    Gentlemen, Tonight Peggy and I took 2017 Ford GT serial #34 to the weekly Pavilions Car Show. We try to make that scene at least once a month and tonight we were sporting the new Ford/Chip Ganassi Racing Team shirts that Chris Callan sent us. A fine time as usual and when we got home Peggy...
  16. ChipBeck

    A New Ford GT Acquisition....In Hindsight.

    Gentlemen, In the last two weeks 3 things have occurred resulting in a little reflection on my part. 1. The one year anniversary of my new Ford GT delivery, 2. The GT Forum Road Atlanta Rally, and 3. The Penske Auto Museum U.S. GP gathering in Scottsdale, AZ. Over the last decade I have...
  17. ChipBeck

    Trailer Modifications For the New GT

    Gentlemen, 1. A lot of us have trailers we have been using for our '05-'06 GT's and would like to use the same unit for our new GT's. I have an early model (2008), all aluminum Trailex that is low and light equipped with E-Track for use with over the tire straps but it only measures 80"...
  18. ChipBeck

    Photos - Road Atlanta Rally (not R13 but it should be)

    Gentlemen, Rally 13 off to a fine start. About 80 members here this getting ready for this Saturday’s race. Chip
  19. ChipBeck

    Chip Beck & Blue Moose are Nationwide!

    Gentlemen, 2017 #34 is loaded up and we are going to rock Highway 40 twentysix straight hours all the way to Atlanta. We’ll post from the road. See you in Georgia. Chip
  20. ChipBeck

    Tuesday Night FGTF Dinner in Atlanta (Oct. 9)

    Gentlemen, For members that will be arriving in Atlanta on Tuesday for the IMSA race at Road Atlanta we are gathering at the beautiful restaurant "South City Kitchen" located in the official Ford GT Forum hotel "The Hotel at Avalon, Autograph Collection" at 6:30 PM for cocktails in the bar...