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  1. Biginch Blake

    Shelby Bash 2020

    Got email from my Ford Concierge promoting the bash, I responded and told them to bring lots of goodies 🤣. Bash is getting better every day. Will be great to see everyone.
  2. Biginch Blake

    Getting ready order lifts: width recommendations?

    Built new garage and looked at a lot off 4 post lifts. I connected new garage to my existing garage/shop, I have two 4 post lifts in it. Both are wide lifts, only way to go. One thing I ran into is that the Bendpac lifts require air to operate the lift locks, I didn’t put air in new garage, it...
  3. Biginch Blake

    New car questions

    Another thing is that people think it’s hard to fill them up with gasoline. Every time I go to fill up 5 to 10 strangers show up to help🤣
  4. Biginch Blake

    Shelby Bash 2020

    Rich, been a long time for us to get together with a GT group and will be great to see you and the others. After all 2 GT owners together is a good time. Still plenty of time for others to sign up.
  5. Biginch Blake

    Shelby Bash 2020

    Renee and I are all booked for the full event. Bring my 06 GT and 17 GT. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  6. Biginch Blake

    NFGT Mark II - bought by Google VP Benjamin Sloss Treynor

    What a beautiful car, hope to see it on the track some day. What a race car should be and what it was made for!
  7. Biginch Blake

    Shelby Bash 2020

    Still doing logistics to see if I can make it. 3 hard days of driving each way. Looks like a good time. By the way the flyer is incorrect, it starts Thursday the 19th.
  8. Biginch Blake

    Not seeing post #1

    For some reason when I open a topic I am not able to see Post #1. Post #2 is the first one I can see/read. Has happened oh 3 or 4 threads. Today it that way on the GT 350 or GT 500 thread. Any ideas on why this is happening? Is it something on my end or a Forum problem?
  9. Biginch Blake

    Picked up my 06 today

    Excellent choice. Terry is the best, don’t let it set in the garage. Congratulations
  10. Biginch Blake

    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    Nice wall hanger Jeff, I got an early one that doesn’t have the cool back round.
  11. Biginch Blake

    Ford GT mk2

    Congratulations, good to see a forum is getting one. Want an incredible machine. Will be the topic of conversation every time you take it to the track. Keep us all posted on the experience of driving an unleashed track GT. Post lots of photos in the future.
  12. Biginch Blake

    NFGT Taillight Condensation

    Ernie had some in his at Daytona.
  13. Biginch Blake

    Another unexpected kind gesture from a great man

    Love it John, well deserved. Details are over the top!
  14. Biginch Blake

    Hoosier Express #120

    That time of the year. Getting car prepared for Daytona 24 hour track days. Mounting the Nitto tires so I don’t have to worry about temperatures. Be down there December 5 through 8th. Come on over and take a ride.
  15. Biginch Blake

    ...looks like I need a trailer

    Congratulations, what a roller coaster ride. As for the trailer I looked at the Rail Rider trailer a couple years ago. They are have a great system, they loaned and unloaded a car a couple times (they had it set up at PRI). They are good but cost $38,000+.
  16. Biginch Blake

    Does Revell 1/24 scale model kit have huge flaw?

    The Y piece in 25 is connected to the two turbo after coolers in 24. 23-24-25and 26 are all parts related to the inlet air system. couldent get them to magnify but that is the way I see it.
  17. Biginch Blake

    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    Guys night out. Me, my two sons, three grandsons and 24 other car guys in the Terre Haute IN area met for dinner then to the movies. Really enjoyed the show. A lot of racing history and very good entertainment. Going to watch again next week with Renee and granddaughter.
  18. Biginch Blake

    Hoosier Express #120

    2 years ago yesterday they delivered my new GT. Seams like time has gone by way to fast. The car has been such a great performer both on the street and track. Photo of car was in the October Mustang Club magazine with caption “Want to draw a crowd at a car show? Just drive up with a new Ford...
  19. Biginch Blake

    Shift light on steering wheel questions

    Like Dave said, on the track in manual mode at full throttle shift at blue light or be ready to hit rev limiter. They come on only during heavy acceleration in all driving modes.