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  1. fjpikul

    New Ford GT unveiling

    Amy told me you were red/green colorblind
  2. fjpikul

    New car questions

    Yes, pull the liner and the ground strap is obvious.
  3. fjpikul

    Windshield protection

    Talk to StormCat
  4. fjpikul

    clear bra

    Steve, there is not much of a console, more of a spine with buttons in it.
  5. fjpikul

    Ford / Borla Exhaust Alignment

    As I remember, they are supposed to be a little low so that when the system heats up, they center themselves. Need to talk to the GT Guy what's his face.
  6. fjpikul

    2006 Red Ford GT

    Sorry, I remembered three sides of wrap.
  7. fjpikul

    New Ford GT unveiling

    That is a very nice picture of my car.
  8. fjpikul

    Serious question for guys who actually drive these cars a lot

    38,000 miles here on my RED GT. Driven to most rallies and tracked numerous times. I also usually travel by myself, so a small suitcase and duffel work just fine. Helmet takes up a lot of room. Usually travel with a small folding chair and a few tools in the trunk. Great gas mileage 21-23...
  9. fjpikul

    2006 Red Ford GT

    The trailer is decorated with a wrap on three sides of the red Ford GT.
  10. fjpikul

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Good one Chris.
  11. fjpikul

    Valve Stem - when to change?

    Not necessary unless damaged. You can replace valve assembly inside if you have a leak.
  12. fjpikul

    Got one

    No, Y Rated. The pole position is not the replacement. Bridgestone dealers don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Get them from Tire Rack or a similar place.
  13. fjpikul

    front turn signal do not work

    Just take a heat gun and warm it up.
  14. fjpikul

    Waking and charging my 19 GT with the new Tender?

    Do you have the new 7 amp charger?
  15. fjpikul

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Yeah, and Rowan just happens to carry a compressor in his trunk. Is this fake news?
  16. fjpikul

    27 LITRES....

    And "Pass" means passed inspection?
  17. fjpikul

    Connector Rod to Open Engine Cover Easier

    GTGuy is the only vendor.
  18. fjpikul

    Rally truck perfected

    Shades of Mad Men. Nice.
  19. fjpikul

    Shelby Bash 2020

    Put the wife on a plane with the luggage.
  20. fjpikul


    I think we better check Ft Worth and Destin.