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  1. steved57

    2019 Baja 1000

    The 2019 Baja 1000 started about 3 hours ago - Live tracking on SCORE website
  2. steved57

    Got The Call

    OMG so I was scheduled for a Spring of 2021 delivery window - Then last week (the day of my Mother's funeral and why we weren't at Petit Lemans) I got the call that I have been moved up a year and today received my ordering kit - The caveat with being moved up was no Series car or extended...
  3. steved57

    Car lift

    So I just installed an Atlas 4 post lift for thr GT's and wow I'm loving it - can't believe I waited so long !!! This thing is so nice to have for playing with the cars for cleaning and maintenance
  4. steved57

    Mike Mosing B'day

    Happy Birthday (belated) Mike hope you had a great day yesterday !!
  5. steved57

    My New Raptor

    Okay so I've been driving Ford F250 / F350 Super Duty truck for 25 plus years as my work truck / daily driver and with the Lariat & FX4 package they are pretty dang nice trucks. A few weeks ago I decided I needed a new one and located a nice Silver one to match my GT and trailer. So I get to...
  6. steved57

    Moduline Cabinets

    I am considering purchasing a set of Moduline cabinets for my garage so ws wondering if anyone on here has them and what they think of them - any input would be appreciated Thanks Steve
  7. steved57

    Ford Warranty Issue

    Ok guys like all of you I am true blue Ford guy however just encountered a situation that has me quite disappointed in Ford So I wanted to post it on here and ask if anyone has any suggestions or recourse I might take I have a 2015 Ford F350 Lariat 4 door 4 wheel drive with power stroke diesel...
  8. steved57

    2015 f350

    I've been driving my 08 F350 powerstroke crewcab 4wd for six years now with 200k miles on it so today I bought (pick it up Saturday) 2015 F350 powerstroke crewcab 4wd lariat pkg white/metallic/tricoat and am really looking forward to new truck 440 horsepower !!
  9. steved57

    SVRA Vintage National Championship at COTA this weekend

    Anyone planning on attending the SVRA Vintage Championship races at Circuit of The Americas this weekend ? Supposed to be over 500 entries so am wondering if there will be any GT40's
  10. steved57

    ALMS at Circuit of the Americas

    Anyone else planning on attending the ALMS race at COTA in 2 weeks ?
  11. steved57

    Father's Day Gift

    I received an early Fathers Day gift from one of my daughters who will not be in town Sunday. I had planned on buying one of these coolers but hadn't gotten around to it yet. This one has an added bonus as a gift and the Ford GT logo to boot
  12. steved57

    Cayman S Black Edition

    Just bought this for the wife last weekend, pretty sweet and fun to drive
  13. steved57

    Mecum Dallas Auction

    There are two GT's in the Mecum Dallas auction next weekend. One is a Silver/Black stripe and the other is a White/Blue stripe
  14. steved57

    Robertson Racing

    Just saw on another site Robertson Racing has had an incident at Road Atlanta with one of their cars and it will not make the race. Driver is Ok though
  15. steved57

    Eagles Canyon Raceway Track Day

    I noticed in another post (other cars) that Fourfather (Eddie Hill) will be driving a Ford GT replica tomorrow in the track day event at Eagles Canyon. I was curious if any of the DFW guys were interested in a drive to the track, to meet and spectate etc.... I was thiniking of going so if anyone...
  16. steved57

    Porsche Forums

    Anyone recommend which is the best Porsche forum ? Thanks Steve
  17. steved57

    Off to Rally

    Car was just picked up and on it's way
  18. steved57

    SCCA National Championship "Runoffs"

    A Ford Mustang has the pole position in GT1 at Road America for this weekends SCCA Runoffs !!
  19. steved57

    GT Guys in Dallas

    I just wanted to give a big thanks to Matt (427aggie) for hospitality for the GT Guys trip to Dallas a great time was had by all and some nice mods and maintenance done Thanks Matt, Rich and Dennis
  20. steved57

    Porsche Cayman

    Anyone have or had a Porsche Cayman and want to offer any input as the wife thinks she wants one Thanks Steve