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  1. AlohaGT

    Mahalo nui loa!!

    Thank you all! I should go the safe route and leave it at that as I'm sure to miss some very important friends. However, I'd be remiss if I didn't at least give it a go. Mrs. AlohaGT and I were thrilled to finally catch up with all whom we haven't seen since Rally III or before. Definitely...
  2. AlohaGT

    Dinner tonight at Umstead Heron's

    Several of us are getting together tonight for dinner. I'll be receiving a call shortly from the PM Heron's manager regarding a time for their private dining room. We're at Chapel Hill and on our way to Duke. Please call me at 808.291.1480 or email if you can join...
  3. AlohaGT

    DBK - Outstanding Hotel Choice!

    The Umstead is simply superb. We've been here for about 24 hours - staff, restaurant, room service, our suite overlooking the pond and amenities are all outstanding. Thank you for another excellent choice in accommodations. :thumbsup
  4. AlohaGT

    Looking for suggestions on a drive today from VIR

    Since today has the lowest probability of rain over the next couple days, we're thinking about going for a drive with our FGT when we pick her up at VIR. Any suggestions are welcome and will be much appreciated.
  5. AlohaGT

    TT v SC .... No Contest!

    Should you be on the fence of converting your gal to twin turbos, don't hesitate and jump in! I stepped into my gal, just newly TTd, for the first time a week ago today. On my plane trip over and the drive in L.A. traffic from LAX to the Pond residence/garage which took nearly as long, my head...
  6. AlohaGT

    Hawaiian Sunday with Maserati MC12, Ferrari F50, Dino, FGT, Valentino Balboni & More

    Hawaiian Sunday with Maserati MC12, Ferrari F50, Dino, FGT, Valentino Balboni & More A few of us went on a Sunday morning drive including the requisite Ferrari Scuderias, Challenge Stradales, Californias, Lambos, Porsche GT3s, Astons, Panteras and more. Lunch was at our friend's house whose...
  7. AlohaGT

    VIR Requirements

    Please forgive me if this is posted and I've missed it. I've been on the VIR site and have scanned several of these threads. What are the requirements to track at VIR? Does VIR have helmets for rent or sale?
  8. AlohaGT

    FGT Mice

    Here's an email I recently received from my lovely wife. I haven't ordered it yet but getting ready to shortly. Check out the first link - the fellow gives a pretty good video review. I agree with my wife - very cool. K, Here are a few sites talking about and selling the Ford GT mouse...
  9. AlohaGT

    VW's Acquisition of Porsche Nearly Done

    From the hunter to the hunted. Turnabout is fair play. VW to pay $11.28 billion for all of Porsche: Sat Jul 18, 2009 FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Porsche SE's controlling families will agree on Thursday to accept an offer by Volkswagen to buy its sports car business Porsche AG for roughly 8 billion...
  10. AlohaGT

    Porsche Rejects VW

    I know we have several Porschephiles here so thought the latest in this saga may be of interest. FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)--Porsche Automobil Holding SE (PAH3.XE) said Saturday that it rejects an ultimatum by Volkswagen AG (VOW.XE) and the German state of Lower Saxony to make a decision over...
  11. AlohaGT

    Driving Simulator

    Last week while in Vegas catching the Paul McCartney concert, I had some time to also catch up on a few weeks of Forum posts. One of them spoke to a certain wheel, game console, PC based sim and such. Sorry but don't recall the details. Last year, my wife and I had the great pleasure of...
  12. AlohaGT

    GM's Wagoner reeds to be removed...destroying America's greatest company"

    Says General Manager, John Brooks, of San Francisco's Ellis Brooks Chevrolet. The dealership which has been here in San Francisco (I'm here for a few days) since 1939 will cease selling any more new GM cars after December 15. John, who is the grandson of the company's founder, Ellis, in...
  13. AlohaGT

    1200 HP Nissan Skyline - Video

    Since I'm in Tokyo and Shelby has a GTR for sale, thought you might get a kick out of this Top Secret Skyline.
  14. AlohaGT

    Impressive Driving Skills

    It's a bit long but them boys have some skills.
  15. AlohaGT

    Vegas to L.A. - when on Sunday?

    Well, though we still have more than 24 hours remaining in Sin City, reality is slowing sinking in that we'll have to make our trek back to L.A. tomorrow. :frown When are you guys planning to leave?
  16. AlohaGT

    Black Stripe Delete on PCH @ 4:30 p.m. today

    Anyone on here? We just left Duke's in Malibu in our Heritage after some feeding and drinking, heading back to our hotel in Santa Monica. Spotted you going in the opposite direction.
  17. AlohaGT

    PM Reads "Unread 1"

    This is small potatoes but for the last month or so, my PMs indicates I have 1 unread when I don't. When I do get a PM, it notches up to 2 and then will drop back down to 1 after I've read the new PM. Anyway to clear it?
  18. AlohaGT

    Car Racing Video Games (hopefully not useless crap)

    Another thread titled "Useless crap you need right away" or something to that effect, there's mention made by several of you of PS3, GT4 and GT5 and other video game references. First, I know nothing about this subject. My only exposure to it was the last auto show I entered had this video...
  19. AlohaGT


    Welcome to our newest member - weiwei! Interesting handle. :biggrin
  20. AlohaGT

    FGT - Busted!

    Let's have our next Rally in Kansas. He has got to be one of the most understanding LEOs anywhere. Hopefully this isn't a repost. Spotted this from the Fcar post.