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  1. Shelby#18

    Forum Policy; regarding damaged or destroyed GT's

    Hello all, There has been a long standing policy regarding the posting of damaged or destroyed cars. If you are not the owner of said car please do not post it! Any postings of this nature not authorized by the owner will be deleted. Thank you, Your Moderators
  2. Shelby#18

    GT Forum Shop Vendors that carry insurance

    With recent / past events I figured we could use a one stop place for our shop vendors to post this info.
  3. Shelby#18

    GT Forum Shop Vendors that carry insurance

    Good to hear! Perhaps the shops that are on here regularly should post if they have garage keepers insurance. I have started a thread to address this.
  4. Shelby#18

    Time for a redo..

    Since my car has a new soft top that doesn't leak, and Kip is currently building the hard top. I decided to redo the interior so I don't have to look at those awful water stains, caused by the previous top. Thanks Steve what a difference!:thumbsup
  5. Shelby#18

    I wouldn't mind giving this kid a GT ride.

    As passed to me; The artist Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II :usa
  6. Shelby#18

    It made the Front Page!

    Of our small mountain paper that is....My car won the trophy for "The Car Most Likely To Get A Ticket". Luckily I made it back home without getting one! :biggrin
  7. Shelby#18

    Off to the Farm!!

    Well it's time for me to head back to MN. I'll be out of touch until the 15th.. I wish everyone a HAPPY 4th. of July! Please go easy on Chip while I'm out! :thumbsup Time to drive my really fast Ford! :banana
  8. Shelby#18

    Soft Top finally done & tested

    Hello all X1 owners. I'm happy to announce that our wait for a soft top is finally over. This has been in development since 2007. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Steve Hemstock for taking this job on, and persevering through some really difficult challenges. Shadowman, for all his time on how...
  9. Shelby#18

    Ford GT grocery getter.

    Some of you may remember that my car had a trunk in it at Rally II. But because I'm now a moderator, I'll have to moderate myself with what happened to it. :biggrin Now 20 months later I can pick up groceries in style, without drawing a crowd! Rally II version... Present day.... Step 1...
  10. Shelby#18

    Compressor refills

    By now many of our tire compressors are nearing their expiration date, or have been used. I just found a refill kit at Tire Rack that costs a heck of a lot less than replacing the whole unit. And in stock!! ContiComfortKit Replacement Parts...
  11. Shelby#18

    Where to put Golf Clubs in a GT?

    Well thanks to Bernard Guerin, Steve Woodrough now has a place..... :biggrin This is also a great place for celebrity signatures. Bernard is the process of installing my trunk now. But mine will hold my helmet, and racing gear instead! Oh, and maybe a six pack of Guiness in a cooler for...
  12. Shelby#18

    3 Day Breast Cancer Walk

    Hello all, My wife Christy is doing her 3 Day 60 mile Breast Cancer Walk for the second year. :banana I'm really proud of what she is doing. If any on this forum wish to help her meet her goal.... Thank you, All...
  13. Shelby#18

    A taste of the X1's at Rally III

    A total of 8 X1's made it to Rally III. :thumbsup Here are some photo's of the owners and the man who made it happen! While it was a good turn out, we did miss our fellow owners who could not make it. Picky-picky-picky Almost ready O.K. I'm ready.:thumbsup Kip Ewing and Jim Lunz (Anya) The...
  14. Shelby#18

    Proud of my boy...

    O.K., I'm proud of my boy and will share. This week.. Passed drivers test-got license.:banana First day of college-got his head together :banana:banana Passed 2 LAUSD exams-job with schools :banana:banana:banana Today- 1st car it's a Ford... couldn't be prouder! :banana:banana:banana:banana
  15. Shelby#18

    She's ALIVE!

    Just minutes ago Rich Brooks brought the first GTX1 twin turbo alive. :banana:banana Over the phone it sounded way meaner than my Whippled car. Look for it at Rally III. :thumbsup
  16. Shelby#18

    Same week another track Willow "Big" Track

    Well it's Friday after Buttonwillow. Willow Springs the "Big" track. I had 2 instructors, one that was with the SVT program, Alan Leukhardt. By the end of the day I was hitting #8 at 120 mph, and #9 at 100. All I was thinking was please don't blow a tire! :frown What is it with the heat! Can't I...
  17. Shelby#18

    Another week another track Buttonwillow X1'd

    It's only been a week since The Utah Fast Pass. I haven't even taken the decals off yet. Kind of a hot day, at 97 degrees. First time here and I learned a lot with the help of my instructor. A big thanks to Shadowman for my "Special Tunes". :thumbsup Next Friday, the Big track at Willow...
  18. Shelby#18

    Ricks Midnight Blue Studio Shots

    She's home!! :banana:banana But before she left Detroit I had some studio shots taken.... Enjoy :thumbsup [/IMG]
  19. Shelby#18

    Kids are home GT 500 40th & SS

  20. Shelby#18

    GT500 40th Anniversary

    Well at least the GT500 40th is now done! Photo from Shelby warehouse today! :banana