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  1. daytrayd

    New Ford GT unveiling

    Dream theatre...
  2. daytrayd

    New Ford GT unveiling

    The detailed pics you guys posted are truly stunning! Very exciting times!
  3. daytrayd

    Ford GT MK II vs McLaren Senna

    Man what a delta, I wouldnt have guessed that much difference on short course, either. Lots of variables here, but the known variable is this MKII is insane.
  4. daytrayd

    2020 for MSRP?

    something about this doesnt seem right...
  5. daytrayd

    Ford GT mk2

  6. daytrayd

    Ford GT Race Program Commemorative Artwork

    received, looks incredible!
  7. daytrayd

    Acoustic artwork in my garage

    wow, sweet garage!
  8. daytrayd

    Track Insurance

    Tell that to the Mclaren guy who just t-boned you in turn 1 cause they wanted to prove they are faster than you. Seen it...
  9. daytrayd

    2017 Ford GT Heritage For Sale

    I hadn’t thought about it from that perspective. I get it, now.
  10. daytrayd

    Tommy Kendall draws the honor

    omg, someone get me in that sim!
  11. daytrayd

    Storming Laguna Seca in the new Ford GT Mark II, Billy Johnson Driving

    Loved it, this is what dreams are made of!
  12. daytrayd

    Monterey Car Week

    Ed, how did that Saleen s1 look in person?
  13. daytrayd


    Jesus, sorry you had to go through that. I, too, got that guys offer. It was infuriating. Takes a “select” few to ruin the party for everyone. Upward and onward. Ps, ive been saving this for a moment just like this.
  14. daytrayd


    What a circus, on to better and faster things, so... congrats in that regard! Will you be locking this next color :p Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be awesome. Cheers.
  15. daytrayd

    2005 vs 2018 GT Races...

    Good stuff, ole dog can still hang on the straight stuff! Loved the rolling finish! Thanks Brooks and Schmee!
  16. daytrayd

    Secondary market.

    They had theirs for sale last I heard. My buddy picked up a raptor from them, started a conversation about their GT on the floor, and they were told "privately offering it for $2mm" :rolleyes: That MKIV just needs a heinz sponsor, agreed?
  17. daytrayd

    Pro Photos of K135...

  18. daytrayd

    Trying to find T&A lowering kit

    Colvin automotive in Austin modified my stock shock perch to lower the car fwiw, you can call them and see what they did or better yet, send them your car.
  19. daytrayd

    Ford GT Mk. II revealed at Goodwood Festival of Speed

    🤤, track day dreams!