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  1. fjpikul

    Belt harnesses for new GT

    Click to open for info on new GT racing harnesses and order forms.
  2. fjpikul

    CobraJeff and Ford Perfofmance

    This weeks Ford Performance shows a lot of pics taken by our own CobraJeff. Some car show in Florida I don't know about. Really nice pics. Congrats Jeff.
  3. fjpikul

    Rotating seat for new GT

    I think I have invented something useful for the new GT. I purchased a rotating bucket seat, Cabelas # 1K-465906 and adapted it to the seat on the GT. You can remove the bottom cushion and attach this rotating seat to it. I had a fabricator make some brackets to bolt it down to the floor. There...
  4. fjpikul

    J169 delivered in St Louis today 9/9/18

    Well, my NGT was delivered today. Many thanks to Steve from the Concierge delivery service. On time and no problems, spent hours answering my and everybody's questions. Special thanks to my midwest GT brothers Big Inch Blake, Indy GT and Jennifer , Greyghost and Gina, and GT Jack. They all...
  5. fjpikul

    Texas LeMans at COTA September 2017

    All of the car corrals are full/sold out. Grid walk at 11 AM. Race noon to six. Saturday ticket $60. ByeEnzo and I are in. Meet at Ford hospitality trailer at , say 9:30 AM? You can post if you want or just show up. Spaceman and Bullitt are in and I think Magic as well. Maybe Salt Lick again...
  6. fjpikul

    Mecum KC 2017

    Black 4 option 4500 mile went for $300k + fees. Sold quickly.
  7. fjpikul

    Leaving Texas

    I have left Texas as a workplace/domicile for the duratioin (except for the Rally). I would like to profusely thank people in Texas for treating me so well. Silverbullitt and Donna, ByeEnzo and Mary: You all made sure I was never left out of things going on and invited me into your homes for...
  8. fjpikul

    Rally to the Rally from St. Louis

    I am working on setting up something for a Rally to Austin from St. Louis. We will pick up people along the way. My house across Missouri on I-44 to OKC and down I-35 to Austin. If you have any interest, please post here. Big Inch Blake need not apply.
  9. fjpikul

    BJ auction LV

    Red, 4 option, don't know mileage-$265 plus fees
  10. fjpikul

    Outstanding contact from Ford World Headquarters in Detroit

    I received an e-mail from Ford World Headquarters in Detroit today contacting me and requesting my assistance on the new Ford GT. It stated I had been selected to give my opinions on and suggestions on portions of the new car development in the near future. This apparently stems from my...
  11. fjpikul

    2012 Corvete ZR-1

    A friend of mine just called and the local Chevy dealer has a 2012 ZR-1 on MSO with 3200 miles for $89K. The dealership owner is a friend of Jamal's. The car is supposed to be blue (I think Lemans blue) with the leather package. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM. I will gladly go...
  12. fjpikul

    New Shelbys available

    I was in the local Ford dealer this morning for service and to my surprise, they have a black/no stripe coupe with everything and a dark red/black stripe convertible on the showroom floor. If anyone has any interest, it's Auffenberg Ford, O'Fallon, IL.
  13. fjpikul

    GT on USA Top Gear

    Who's white/blue car is Tanner Faust wining and dining on the new Top Gear comercial?
  14. fjpikul

    Lookig for a new 2013 Shelby GT500

    Once of my best friends wants a new Shelby convertible. Would prefer white or dark blue with Nav and Recaros. No red or green. Stripes or not. If anyone knows of one availalble or who has an allocation, please contact me directly by PM or post here with contact info. Thanks Frank
  15. fjpikul

    New type of radar detector mount

    I came across an ad in Autoweek for, a new type of radar detector mount that goes just below your mirror. They make them for both Escorts and Valentines. I just ordered one so we'll see and I'll put up a post with pics. FYI, if you decide to order, use me as the contact and you...
  16. fjpikul

    Rally to the Rally VII in New Orleans

    Some of us will be meeting at my house near St, Louis on Sunday the 7th and driving to Memphis on Monday the 8th to spend the night. On Tuesday the 9th we'll drive to New Orleans. The drive from Memphis to New Orleans is a straight shot down I-55. I'm looking for motels right now near the...
  17. fjpikul

    Happy Birthday pe2unia

    Happy Birthday buddy! See you soon.
  18. fjpikul

    Happy Birthday Ralphie!

    Gee whiz, I thought you were much older than that. Have a great day old man.
  19. fjpikul

    Many thanks to our Hawaiian connections

    I just returned from a semi-busines trip to Hawaii and would like to publicly thank AlohaGT and HiloDave for the excellent treatment I recieved from them respectively on two different islands. Had we not had Ford GT's, we would not know each other. Just another example of the friendships...
  20. fjpikul

    Happy Birthday Aggie

    Well, I heard 40 is the new 60 in Texas. Happy Birthday bud!