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    Cool interactive map

    Yesterday, I as made aware of this cool weather app. It works on a PC as well. This link shows the source location of air pollution. You can format it to your own preferences.,40.914,146.602,3
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    Camaro done......again? I was shocked to read this.
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    If you use deionized water to wash your cars.

    I have been buying refill resin filter media directly from CR Spotless for my deionizer. It works well, but they raised their price 35% recently. Years ago member @bonehead recommended a different source that by luck happened to be nearer to me. They too have quality resin for our deionizers. I...
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    GM taking over Ford article

    I was surprised this hadn't already been mentioned; Author is definitely not a Ford guy, but sounds like there is some serious speculation. Yes, I read American Icon and in particular about when...
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    Italian Job Miura found and restored
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    Printed Titanium and CF wheel

    Collaboration between GE & HRE.
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    Heavily Tuned NFGT engine?

    Saw this today, Ken Block's latest Hoonigan project;
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    Possibly the release of the new GT500?' There are rumors in the Shelby circles that maybe a historical find will be unveiled as well. Speculation ranges from Edsel II's killer custom '65 K-code fastback to Jim Morrison's '67 GT500. Both long...
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    Can you make money building Supercars?

    Apparently, yes. Some are better at it than others;
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    Volkswagen crushes Pike's Peak record

    Shaved a minute off the previous record held by an ICE Peugeot. 😳 .
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    Does anyone know what Dash assembly 6304644 includes?

    I was using to see which dash assembly parts are available. Under the description "Dash assembly 6304644" The following schematic is shown; :confused Does anyone know which parts are included in the assembly?
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    Keeping your collection in public parking?

    Pretty nice collection of high end cars;
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    The "REAL" Bullitt Mustang emerges

    From it's long term slumber;
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    New Fisker, the EMotion

    400 mile range Too bad he can't focus on 2-door models. The rear doors look ridiculous.
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    Clean-sheet Mustang postponed?

    Doesn't look like a clickbait piece; Sobering if accurate
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    New ZR1

    Well, it is out; I like looking at the Z06 a whole lot better. Not a fan of the Viper style wing. Why do this if they are replacing the C7 with a C8 Ferrari 360 knock-off?
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    My condolences to Kayvan

    On the passing of your favorite uncle and role model;
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    New hologram design process for Ford Found this on a GT500 forum thread.
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    TVR Griffith returns

    Using Ford power;
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    Yeah, I like turbos