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  1. Stef

    Unigue and other GT Memorabilia.

    Our local Vons got these 'checkout dividers' about 3 years ago and not to long after I got the most wonderful news of getting a new GT. Whenever I shopped there and see these, I would remain silent, not utter a word about it and start daydreaming of delivery day from Pat Milliken. Since Redlands...
  2. Stef

    Rally truck perfected

    Haul everything you want to the next rally. We could do a group buy and have it before the next one. (Sorry, no sound from 1:50 to 3:12).
  3. Stef

    New Bronco to race Baja 1000

  4. Stef

    Passenger foot rest.

    Is there a way to adjust the passenger foot rest forward or any existing mods for doing this. I could always engineer and fabricate something to accomplish this.
  5. Stef

    Closing video rental store find.

    One of the remaining video rental stores in my area had gone out of business. They sold everything for a couple bucks each. Just happened by and had a look. Found this 'Born Racer' A lot of footage of Chip Ganassi with his Indy team, and driver Scott Dixon. If you have not seen it, definitely...
  6. Stef


    A constellation to cheer you up....
  7. Stef

    Victory at Laguna Seca

    A win for the #66 today! Congratulations to everyone that makes it happen.
  8. Stef

    Ken Miles Mark II Driving Impressions

    Came across this October 1966 Car and Driver article "Portrait of the Le Mans Winner" with an excerpt by Ken Miles. "WHEN PROPERLY set up", Ken Miles says "this is the easiest car in the world to drive. If not, it's awful-but then, this is typical of any really modern racing car. Small changes...
  9. Stef

    Good news from Lime Rock
  10. Stef

    Today at Scrutineering

    A few shots at todays Scrutineering. Got a little wet there at the last, and sorry, not the best pics either.
  11. Stef

    Is two layers Expel overkill?

    My Expel installer has recommended two layers of wrap on the complete front end area. Yeah I get it, the more the better, but Expel is so great isn't this just overkill?
  12. Stef

    Ceramic coatings on Carbon fiber wheels.

    The installer doing my wrap has recommended a protective coating on the wheels. Is this a good or bad idea? Any pros or cons? My main concern is this causing a discoloration and/or changing the look of the finish, especially since my wheels are the Matte finish. Don't want to lose that slick...
  13. Stef

    Lic Plate frame and/or Accessories

    Looking like not many accessories available for the NGT?? The Ford Performance lic plate frame will not fit so luckily I had an extra 05/06 style laying around. What are some of you using for this?
  14. Stef

    What is Blue, Approx 43 inches tall and goes over 200MPH...Introducing K19

    At last the wait is over! Took delivery this past Friday (12/14) of K019. Finally finding a moment to post and put up some pics (more to come). This entire process, from receiving the welcome letter from Bill Ford, to finally watching this amazing machine being off loaded and pulling up my...
  15. Stef

    Dedicated to the lucky 2019 Heritage selecties.

    In my opinion one of the best of the short films on the Gulf GT40's and the 1968 24 hours of Lemans. Perhaps it has been posted on the forum before, but if you've never seen it enjoy, if you have, watch it again.
  16. Stef

    No.67 GT Loses 4th position

    Can it get any more ridiculous?
  17. Stef

    Hybrid FGT? Future GT? Interesting possibilities indeed!
  18. Stef


    Second time for A.J. to suffer a serious attack by 'killer bees'. Especially unfortunate he will not be able to attend Sebring this weekend, as he was to be inducted in the hall of fame there and be the race's Grand Marshal. Get well soon Mr. Foyt, Godspeed...
  19. Stef

    Bridgestone Scuderia now being shipped from Tire Rack.

    Regarding the back order for Bridgestone Potenza Scuderia's Put my name in the hat for these in September. I got a call today they are now shipping. So if you have ordered they are on there way to you. Might be the time to order an extra set as well.:biggrin
  20. Stef

    Time for new classes

    Perhaps it is now the right time to make changes to not only how BoP is applied, but also add new classes. Such as one for Turbo cars, and another for naturally aspirated ones. Set a standard in a given allowable range at the onset of a new season during homologation, slight changes could be...