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  1. Cobrar

    Which blue to pick?

    Kona is beautiful, but it can have a purple cast. Take a look at Ford’s current off the shelf ‘Blue Jeans’. It is close to the 2005/06 midnight blue color, but appears a tad brighter.
  2. Cobrar

    New Ford GT unveiling
  3. Cobrar

    front turn signal do not work

    Tesla provided the socket. You are long past the durability dates. 😂
  4. Cobrar


    Congratulations Edsel! Your support and passion for Motorsports have been defining moments for the Company, paving the way for some great products for the enthusiast community!
  5. Cobrar


    Oh, my!! Headed over to visit my GT first thing tomorrow morning to make sure that DBK hasn’t removed my roof! 🙄🙄
  6. Cobrar


    Agree, and it seems to be a recurring theme at auto shows and events in general. Too much outsourcing of the OE’s ‘marketing’ function with little corporate oversight. Read: not getting what you are paying for.
  7. Cobrar

    Helping Ford find its way back to LeMans?
  8. Cobrar

    A little Monica Article

    That’s awesome, I recall you sharing it with us during our visit to Spring Mtn. the question is, are you almost up to catching a Monica?? 😁
  9. Cobrar


    Interesting BoP for Daytona:
  10. Cobrar

    Public service announcement: List of Ford GTs at upcoming auctions (with links)

    Congratulations! You’ve got a really special car. Enjoy!
  11. Cobrar

    Le MANs 2020

    LM 24 Qualifying format Looks more interesting:
  12. Cobrar

    Condolences to Fellow Texan and IMSAdrivee

    Presence of mind to bring the car safely to a stop without involving another car. Amazing final feat for such an accomplished man.
  13. Cobrar

    Ford VP challenges Tesla Cybertruck tow battle

    Here you go:
  14. Cobrar

    Ford VP challenges Tesla Cybertruck tow battle

    A real F150 production model, with (two - one actually) rear wheel drive. Wouldn't expect anything less from Musk.
  15. Cobrar

    Penske buys IndyCar & IMS

    Can’t think of a better owner for the sport or the Speedway!
  16. Cobrar

    US Marshalls classic car seizure. Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am will hit the auction block!

    Kelvin, going forward, you need to do your homework before you buy!! LOL Enjoy, sounds amazing!
  17. Cobrar

    911, bringing back the manual

    Fear not. I am predicting a consumer revolt to the 1/2 speed CVT/autos in the new alternative powertrains. Probably some unsuspecting State, like South Dakota, will take a strong, California-like stance, and mandate the use of manual transmissions. 😁 Absent that, the price of older, well...
  18. Cobrar

    911, bringing back the manual

    Come' on now, you learned that when you were in Atlanta at the Porsche Tech Center a few weeks ago - right?? ;-))
  19. Cobrar

    Somethings up at Ford again... or not?

    Yeah, but between the Ford vs. Ferrari movie and these stories, look at all the attention Ford is getting. 😂