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    2020 FORD GT. 1969 HERITAGE EDITION. ALLOCATION. I got the call.

    What a fantastic experience- thanks again to you both for including us! I will certainly never forget it and I can’t wait to see L069 when she’s finished!! She certainly has nice bones:)
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    GT40 Wrist Watches

    Under “Parts”
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    GT40 Wrist Watches

    Kind of look like the watches on the Superformance website.
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    Gen 2 Ahlman Engineering Ohlins

    These coil overs are a really fine product! I was looking to replace the original coil overs in my 05 last Spring when I noticed a noise coming from the front right of the car. After reading the strong endorsements on our Forum, I contacted Scott to discuss which version would best suit my needs...
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    ISO Left front lower billet a-arm

    My ‘05 #1842 has billet arms as well!
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    Interesting read

    This article may have been posted at some point in the past, but if it was, I was unable to find it! Interesting article from back in the day on the GT40! Attached is a photo of the link- still haven’t figured out how to attach the actual link itself!
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    Blip Shift “on your mk” wall art and “miles ahead” tee shirt

    Couple of interesting items on Blipshift today! You can either Google the above or, as usual, maybe Specracer could help me with a link?:)
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    27 LITRES....

    Wow! That is seriously cool! Nice work:)
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    Soon to be available in IMAX! Should be incredible!!
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    Car lift

    They fit under the 05/06 on the ground! 05 has Scott’s suspension. 06 is stock (will have Scott’s suspension next season:))
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    Car lift

    I use them in the jack tray on my 4 post lift so that tucks them in below the lift’s deck level. No issues driving my 05/06 directly onto the lift deck with the air jacks stored in the jack tray in the fully retracted position. Shouldn’t be a problem for the NFGT if used in the same way- I...
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    Car lift

    With my 4 post lift I use a couple of air jacks with a jack stand or bottle jack backup for safety. The air jacks lift the GT off its wheels quickly and easily, store out of the way in the jack tray and are light/portable enough to take in the Jeep if we go off roading:)
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    The Last Shelby Cobra

    Looks great Chris!!! Just Pre-ordered my copy! Dave
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    Ford GT40 Le Mans Revival

    Really was awesome wasn’t it?! Great to meet you guys!!!
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    Ford GT40 Le Mans Revival

    We attended this awesome event last weekend after a visit to Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground to experience the NFGT-which was beyond incredible:):):):)- still can’t stop smiling! (More on this experience later) For now, check out the Utube video of the event titled “Ford GT40 Le Mans 69 Revival”-...
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    Looks like the International Premiere will take place at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) (Google: “Tiff Ford vs Ferrari”) starting September 9/10! Great event for anyone who might be in town at that time checking out their New GT at Multimatic! Nice time of year in Toronto too! DG1
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    2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition # 9

    Love it! Grand Prix Originals has carried a lot of Gulf clothing and accessories over the years. Recently found some great Gulf tees on Redbubble DG1
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    Ford GT Mk. II Walkaround with Larry Holt

    And you can order it with carbon cup holders! Nice touch! (Not sure how to link the whole article)
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    Source for TRUNK lid gas struts?

    Worked like a charm! Thank you- very clever solution!!