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  1. spartan

    Ford VP challenges Tesla Cybertruck tow battle This will be interesting.
  2. spartan

    Acoustic artwork in my garage

    I put up some acoustic artwork in my garage at M1.
  3. spartan

    Grabber Blue VIN L077

    We are so fortunate to have a world class Concierge team. The entire process has been amazing. I went with the Carbon Series with no accent color Grabber Blue ( same as my 2005 GT "SMURF GT ") . Placed my deposit Nov 1st with Kevin at Pat Milliken. If anyone wants to pick grabber Blue, call me...
  4. spartan

    Allocation window opened a year ago

    Cant believe it's been a year ago yesterday that the last allocation window opened. Roush (PAS) has started building 2020 engines. I was so anxious filling this out:
  5. spartan

    Anyone want to guess what the 2021 Heritage livery will be?

    I have asked several Ford guys and no one seems to know.
  6. spartan

    Carbon series interior question

    Does the carbon series interior have more exposed carbon compared to the standard interior or is the only difference the use of white stitching and changing cloth to Alcanatra? This photo shows CF on the center console and the door sills.
  7. spartan

    2020 improvement?

    I wonder how the MKII development will impact the 2020 street cars. FAQ for the MKII may provide some clues: What makes Mk II the most track capable GT? Ford and Multimatic have increased GT’s 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine to 700+ horsepower, while reducing weight and improving aerodynamics and...
  8. spartan

    Thank you Dave! Great time at Rd Atlanta Petit Le Mans

    Amazing week at Petit Le Mans. Well done Dave. Appreciate all your efforts in making this event happen. Great to see everyone.
  9. spartan

    New 05/06 Borla exhaust for sale

    For sale is a new BORLA ( in original box) muffler and used Borla long tube headers . I was going to use this for my GT track car build but will be going a different direction. The muffler is a bolt on replacement for the stock setup. The long tube headers are bead blasted in good...
  10. spartan

    You thought you had seen it all? We've only just started...

    Multimatic twitter has this. You thought you had seen it all? We've only just started... The tease photo shows a fixed wing NFGT. Is this a new race version for future production?
  11. spartan

    New Mustang GT4

    Just picked up a used Mustang GT4 from VOLT Racing.
  12. spartan

    Rapid Response Racing Documentary

    A new documentary coming out this month about the men who transformed medical care in motor racing.
  13. spartan

    GT Track car build

    Starting my new build. Received the drivetrain today purchased from Stormcat.
  14. spartan

    06 Tungsten GT for sale

    Sold For sale 2006 Tungsten GT, 4 options 12,843 miles. I'm the second owner No stories No accidents / clean Carfax No paintwork No engine modifications ever No body modifications (other than the black painted clamshell vents and the black decal FORD GT on the side) Newer optima battery, tires...
  15. spartan

    Love these old videos

    Check out this 1962 Ford video.
  16. spartan

    Chris Theodore’s garage at M1

    Got a chance to check out Chris Theodore's garage at M1. Lots of cool memorabilia.
  17. spartan

    WTB GT parts for track car build

    Collecting parts for my track car build. Looking for the following new or used parts: Half Shafts 4G7Z-4K138-AA Rear lower control arms 4G7Z-5A649-C Wheel Hubs 4G7Z-1104-AA
  18. spartan

    Billet art

    Billet Rear uprights. If you thought the billet control arms were a work of art. Check these out.
  19. spartan

    WTB PCM and Fuel injector module

    Anyone have a spare PCM (ECU) and Fuel Injector module for an 05/06 GT?
  20. spartan

    Ricardo Trans gearbox parts

    I'm looking for parts to repair a Ricardo gearbox. Does anyone have a damaged/bad (core to return to ford) unit they are willing to part with so I can scavenge the components I need? Looking for the main case and the smaller side plate. The one I have has good internals.