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    what to protect before airbag replacement

    I seem to remember someone posted a picture of how they protected their dash and steering wheel before airbag replacement. I have searched and cannot find the post. If anyone can post pictures I would appreciate as the techs are coming next Tuesday to replace both and I want to make sure I have...
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    Tariffs, are coming....who will cancel their order if hypothetical tariffs happen

    The Tariffs will more than likely be coming this fall adding 25% to the price. So if your NFGT ships after they are applied to all foreign cars. Will you cancel your order?? What will this do to the Supercar market? Will new cars be priced out of reach, will used cars gain in value? Just...
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    Formula E races

    Jaguar flew me to Montreal to spend the weekend at the Formula E races. It was a great time, had a tour of the pits and garages and was able to spend a fair amount of time with the team and learned a lot ablout the cars and race. I have included some pictures. A special thank you to Jaguar...
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    Need a GT tech guy in Calgary

    I am looking for a GT tech in Calgary. I need to wire up my fog lights to be used as Daytime running lights. I tried having the dealer enable the daytime running lights in the ECU but the program change came up with an error message everytime. any help would be appreciated. Zach
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    need help with daytime running lights, using the fog lights

    Gentlemen, since there is a wealth of knowledge on this forum, here is my problem. I have moved from one Province to another and have to have my car inspected. In order to pass the Alberta inspection I need to have daytime running lights. My GT is a US car and does not have the DRL active. I...
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    How many Key FOBS can be programmed

    Gentlemen, I have been trying to program a 3rd key fob for the GT. No matter what I do I can only get 2 of 3 to program. Is two the limit? I checked online and could not find info regarding the GT but other ford products appear to be able to program up to 6 fobs. Just to clarify I am...
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    Remember when Ford had a difficult time finding buyers for its GT40 Mk I road car?

    Remember when Ford had a difficult time finding buyers for its GT40 Mk I road car? GT40 set for Auction
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    Aston Martin’s Vulcan Has An Ingenious Way Around Pesky Oil Changes

    Since most of us do our own oil changes.Thought this was interesting. Just pull out the container and pop in a new one and your done. Hopefully this will trickle down to...
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    GT track only version ???

    I was wondering if there are plans for Ford to do a "Track only" version as McLaren has done with the P1 or Ferrari has done in the past??
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    Ford GT Prototype CP-1

    Ford GT Prototype CP-1 for sale
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    Ford Just Released A Bunch Of New Images Of The 2017 GT
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    Key programming

    Gentlemen, I have lost one of my GT keys. I have purchased several keys and key fobs but they need to be programmed. According to the manual, since I only have one programmed key, only a dealer can program the additional keys. Is there anyway around this since the 2 dealers around me are...
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    Canadian Takata recall for Ford GT

    On May 28, 2015, special service campaign 2015052 was replaced by recall 2015232. Please see recall 2015052 for more information. Transport Canada Recall # 2015052 Recall Date 2015/02/05 Notification Type Service Campaign Mfr System Airbag Manufacturer Recall Number 14B09 Units Affected The...
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    The Ferrari That Would Never Happen Is Happening

    Might as well just call it the Dino. We’ve heard this one time and again. And then again several more times. For years, Ferrari has denied that it planned to build a so-called entry-level model, or, as some would prefer to call it, a reborn Dino. The reason being was that Ferrari couldn’t price...
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    Ford warns dealers about GT sales

    NEW YORK — An international team at Ford is trying to figure out how best to allocate the 250 Ford GT super cars that will be sold later this year, said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of The Americas. At the same time, Hinrichs has told dealers in North America not to take orders or price gouge –...
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    Why It's Going To Be Damn Hard To Buy A New Ford GT

    New Ford GT on Car Buzz Nothing really new or what we already don't know.
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    replacement battery

    before someone bites my head off. I need to replace my battery. I was trying to find a recent post about replacement batteries and the general opinion, but they all seem to be several years old. Sears no longer sells batteries in Canada, Optimum batteries seem to have differing opinions on...
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    UHG!!!!! I just had my first gauge failure, I think

    I just had my first gauge failure, I think. I just started up my GT from winter slumber to move it into my lift area to do the fluid changes and my boost gauge was dead. When I started the car a second time the gauge worked. My question is , is this a precursor to a permanent failure or just...
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    GT up for auction this weekend at Red Deer Alberta auction
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    Nice touch from Jaguar, Helmet

    I have a Jaguar Project 7 on order, one of 7 for Canada. Today received email requesting my " Head Size" (no jokes) Today, we are delighted to inform you that later this year you will also be receiving a Project 7 branded helmet manufactured by Bell Helmets, exquisitely airbrushed to match your...