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  1. donnymac

    22' Jimglo on Craigslist

    Saw the ad while searching for upgrades to mine. Have no clue if it's still available. 11 days old on the ad. Craigslist Medford OR. DM
  2. donnymac

    Rabbit Hunt

    Picked up my friend between Big lake and Ozona. By day 2 in the hotel basement, he had to go. All but ears, a front leg and a back foot was behind the splitter. That was a fun extraction(needed Frank). A little damage not much. Easy fix with duct tape. By chance if you took a rabbit photo...
  3. donnymac

    Pictures worth a thousand words

    And his name is Henry!
  4. donnymac

    Chaparral 2J Sucker Car and Jim Hall to drive June 4

    Periodically each Chaparral gets driven for preservation reasons with Jim behind the wheel. As all the Chaparral cars reside at Permian Basin Petroleum Museum in Midland, we sometimes tie a drive event to the annual Chaparral party. For this years live drive and party, it is the 2J aka Sucker...
  5. donnymac

    RPM question

    Was in a little speed run and picked up a noise that didn't belong. Not sure if it was speed or RPM related. I could back in and out of the noise but never tried to run thru it. At 180 in 6th gear, RPM should be ballpark what? Thanks.
  6. donnymac

    Safe Craft belts harness question

    Does SafeCraft no longer make belts? Or, who now makes the SafeCraft harness? Thanks.
  7. donnymac

    Arrangements for Ray

    The 2 links below, which I hope work, are for our local Midland paper and Funeral Home. One may have more information than the other but bases are pretty much covered. PM me with any questions.
  8. donnymac

    Fishing the Florida Keys

    Contemplating a little light tackle solo R&R for late Feb or early March. Have never fished Florida or east of Texas for that matter. Just looking for any thoughts from those that know the drill down in the Keys. Not interested in deep water. In shore only. All comments welcome. PM fine...
  9. donnymac

    Lebanon VA need a little car help - thanks

    Drop me a PM and I will fill you in. DM
  10. donnymac

    Chino, CA. Forum member?

    Drop me a PM - look at a car.
  11. donnymac

    Obama gunboats Kailua Oahu

    Long story short, Obama is staying in my old neighborhood. Two gunboats are in the canal that backs up to his area. Very cool looking boats. Will try to post a boat pic if boats are still there later today. Google earth Oahu Kailuana Pl. POTUS is somewhere on Kailuana. Less than a mile N is...
  12. donnymac

    FGT A10 B1 and F16 CAF airshow Midland TX

    Check right door nose gear - mission count? Gunfightter Wing from San Antonio. Plus got a ride in a P51 - highly recomened!
  13. donnymac

    Safety tail light flasher via Jdoc7 and Pe2unia

    So as to not further hijack HOOKED ON GTs rear ended thread, Jdoc7, Pe2unia and others have an old thread on a really good safety feature for the bumper delete crowd. old link -...
  14. donnymac

    Bastrop Texas fires

    Reported estimated homes lost is pushing 1000. Hundreds of families have lost all. BigsGT or Silverbullet may know more detail as this is thier backyard.
  15. donnymac

    Floor jack favorite? GT Christmas gift

    Need to find a GT floor jack for a gift. Anyone have a favorite or one to avoid? All coments welcome. Thanks. dm
  16. donnymac

    Bumped into a friendly Viper today.....

    Just curious. What is max speed in 1st gear when rev limiter kicks in? I was to busy to look :biggrin
  17. donnymac

    In Midland, Texas - Ford GT40 MK IV

    With underwriting help from PeakCompletions(Ray) and Bigs GT(Don) of the Forum, Midland’s Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, has the privilege of hosting Ford Museum’s GT40 MK IV until July 30, 2010. Formal rollout is this Friday night at a Museum banquet. All of you know the GT40 history better...
  18. donnymac

    Happy Birthday Shelby!!!

    Happy birthday good friend. I never paid anyone for cars as much as I've paid you but its been worth every penny and mile. I love the GTs and its a continued pleasure to know you. BTW all this kiss ass should generate a discount on the next trade. :biggrin
  19. donnymac

    Houston Question

    My hard drive aint what it once was. Who in Houston helped/participated in the car ride for money benefit for veterans? I was asked to help on a similar event and need a little info. dm
  20. donnymac

    Big Bend Open Road Race - Ft Stockton, Texas - April 2010

    Parade, car show, race and banquet. Cars from all over the country will be there. Event is a blast with no limits on local hospitallity!!!:cheers:cheers:cheers Registration opened Monday. Field is limited to about 130 or so. Event director told me today she is 1/3 booked since Monday...