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  1. Beez

    Belly Pan Screw P/N?

    Kendall, thanks and that would be great! Let me know if you've seen my PMs. Brian
  2. Beez

    Belly Pan Screw P/N?

    Thx, Two - I am aware of, and glad for, Steve's option. But I only really need one, not 40. And I'm still very interested to verify if this part is indeed discontinued and unavailable from Ford.
  3. Beez

    Belly Pan Screw P/N?

    Searching old threads for correct PN for the most common belly pan screw - the black ones, M6, 25 mm - as Tom says above, should be PN 4g7z-16163-aa. BUT - the Ford Parts dealer I'm in contact with says that number comes up as "discontinued". Does any one know of a substitute/current part...
  4. Beez

    Transaxle fluid specs

    I find it surprising that a Ford dealer would recommend anything other than the Ford specified product. I had to learn more than I ever wanted to have to know about fluid choices in our unique and expensive transaxle, after needing to work through a repair. Regardless of any tempting "on-paper"...
  5. Beez

    Cut-away of fuel filter after 13 years

    Art, thanks for the tip ; adding to the to-do list
  6. Beez

    2006 Ford GT for sale by original owner

    Great thread - I enjoyed seeing the full circle from For Sale to New owner. 👏
  7. Beez

    Clutch & Flywheel Replacement

    Tom, yes that is indeed the one I got and am highly recommending.
  8. Beez

    Clutch & Flywheel Replacement

    I want to add for clutch-shoppers that find this thread in the future, how incredibly happy I am with the Spec SS trim on my 620 whp pulley/tune car. While I never felt the stock clutch slip under WOT once fully engaged, I always felt that during aggressive acceleration, it lacked a solid...
  9. Beez

    Source for OE parts that will ship?

    AFAIK, paid up front, non-returnable, and current registration required are standard procedure for ordering FGT parts within US as well.
  10. Beez

    Blue Stripe Delete 05/06,

    Blue no-stripe was my grail too. I concluded it was unobtanium, and happily found my Tungsten no-stripe. I have a local FGT friend who has long owned TWO blue no stripes, but the pool of available rounds off to about: none
  11. Beez

    I got the letter also - another new UK owner to be

    High Fives! Thanks for sharing the good news!
  12. Beez

    Brought tears to my eyes,

    So sorry to hear of such a terrible day. Thank you sharing your awful experience, it could have been any of us. You have all our support in wishing you well.
  13. Beez

    BNIB Intercooler for sale

    OK to delete, post N/A
  14. Beez

    Vehicle registration now required to purchase parts

    Agree with owners saying the requirement of a current registration really needs a rule re-write. I recently went in to dealer to get parts, prepared with title in hand (no lien) , multiple forms of ID, proof of active insurance and a registration that had lapsed 1 month prior. Not good enough...
  15. Beez

    Transformed with mods + flames (vid)

    Very entertaining post! Car is smokin' hot and chill as ice all at the same time! I LUV the no stripe and the CDC Sweet Ass Delete kit - went for the same combo on my Tungsten.
  16. Beez

    Front bumper removal?

    Soroush, thanks for the pics and encouragement! Now I'm expecting this to go pretty smoothly.
  17. Beez

    Front bumper removal?

    Obviously this is an old thread bump, but I am interested in asking if anyone seeing this has any notes or tips about getting the front bumper cover off. Torrie no longer has the notes he mentions getting from Shadowman 9 years ago. I do have the shop manual, but thought I'd seek any add'l...
  18. Beez

    I Have Just Been Approved By FORD For A New 2020 GT!!!!

    Big High Fives, Rich! I know more than most how deserving of first-application approval you are. A lifelong bleeds-blue w passion Ford guy right here, ladies and gentleman.😃 You better invite me to a party to see it sooner or later. Brian
  19. Beez

    Minimum Garage Ceiling Height for a lift

    under 3 inches is possible
  20. Beez

    Minimum Garage Ceiling Height for a lift

    Just not accurate. I have 9.5 ft and a Bendpak HD-9. Working out well for these two cars.